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Chapter Three

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What happens 11 years later?( I hate summaries it gives part of the main story away)

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Chapter Three

11 years later
Delilah's P.O.V

It had been 11 years since the fire that burnt down my home, took away my friends and seperated me from the guy I loved that I had my first kiss with.
I had finally come to my senses 8 years ago, I was going to move to L.A and try to find Julius. It could be stupid of me condering our safety, but I didn't care I needed to reunited with guy I loved.
I was finally in Los Angeles, I had been here before on missions but I had a different feeling coming here I felt a rush in my body now I just felt nervous with a knot in my stomach. Was it because I was worried about our safetly, no. Was I worried about not finding Julius, no. Was I worried about him not remebering me when I find him...yes. Why should I have been worried about that he promised he wouldn't, but it was a promise made 11 years ago.
I finally came to my new house, and unloaded all the stuff into my house I started unpacking but then just couldn't do it anymore I plugged into the t.v and started flipping through various channels, I saw something then turned back a channel. I gasped and almost went into shock I let go off the remote it crashed to the floor.
It can't be. I thought, it was Julius appearing on a talkshow. It was him his hair his eyes his voice,his lips we still looked great 11 years later. What was he doing on a talk show I watched for awhile. It had just started.

"So,Julius you're new movie just came out, Super Spy and your new CD "Broken Heart"."
The girl fans cheered and screamed as Julius started talking "yes, that's right it's about a spy (a/n: lol I couldn't think of anything my brain shutoff lol plus I thought i'd be funny) who saves the world and looks good doing it. My cd is avaiable in all music stores and I wrote the songs." the girl fans screamed and cheered again. He was a celebrity, then I though maybe he is still at the studio I found the studio where they were filming in the phonebook and ran out the door I had watched half of it and it's probably take me the other half to find the place. Finally I found it and out walked Julius with his body guards and screaming cheering girl fans. I couldn't see how Julius could stand them, I came up close about as close as the other girls were and yelled "Julius!" about a hundred tome he had to remeber my voice.
He finally looked over my throat hurting but then looked away finally all his fans left and I came up to him and said "Julius it's me Delilah." He looed puzzled and confused then he replied. "Who? I don't know you." That hurt it felt like someone slapped me and broke my heart at the same time. I had to think of something.
"Don't you remeber the fire 11 years ago, Julius please remeber its me Delilah Devonshire."
It looked like he was really thinking.
"Nope I don't know you." He said and walked away.

What I didn't know was that there was a paparazzi in the bushes taking pictres and that I was going to become a magazine headline.

I just stood there and cried then went back to my house to cry some more.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter, sorry it took so long I had writers block and I just felt lazy anyway review please!

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