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Chapter Four

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Poem by my cousin I jsut turned it into a song.

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Chapter Four

Delilah's P.O.V

I went back home sobbing,how could he have forgotten me,we had or first kiss together.
I started unpacking again when I turned around I accedintally hit a box it fell to the ground the picture of Julius and I it had been saved from the fire just the edges and corners were a bit burnt. You could barely notice it with the frame covering most of it. I looked at it, it brought back so many memories good and bad and Julius didn't remeber any of them. I threw the picture as hard as I could the frame shattered s it hit the floor there was glass everywhere. That's it! That's how I'll get Julius to remeber me!The picture!
I ran out of the door with the picture in hand the mess not even cleaned up. I started the engine and went looking for Julius, I turned on the radio.
"Now from his newly released CD "Broken Heart" this is Julius Chevalier with Missing You.
I was about to turn it off, when a soft melody came on and Julius' amazing voice started singing.

As I lie
I feel nothing
everything draining
So I wait to die

As I die I think
How much I miss you
How my life had changed
how soon I will be with you
In dreams and thoughts I think

You are gone
But yet your not
In my heart your always there
when I think of you
My heart is warm as the rising dawn

I miss you
I can never replace you
my friend
my life soon will begin anew

My spirits in the heavens with you
Now I will never miss you

You are gone
But yet your not
In my heart your always there
when I think of you
My heart is warm as the rising dawn

ohh missing you missing you

Wow! Julius was there somewhere I just had to remind him with the picture.

Finally I had found him at a small cafe, paparazzi started takin gpictures of me ! I was so confused then I saw a magazine on one of the tables, it had a picture of Julius and I on the front "J.C AND MYSTERIOUS GIRL" was written in big letters of the headline.

"Julius!" I called he looked over shook his head and groaned.
I came closer, the big body guards didn't let me any further I had to get the picture to him. I threw it on the table, he looked at it and I waited.
"Delilah.." He looked confused.
"Yes.." I said quietly.
I ran up to him and hugged him.
He kissed me on the lips, it felt so good to feel his lips on mine after 11 years,
Sure we were going to be a magazine headline again but right now I didn't care.

Poem by my cousin Bridget I just turned it into a song.
I'll be updating soon

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