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Chapter Five

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Sorry I haven't updated for awhile, I just felt to lazy :P

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Chapter Five

Delilah's P.O.V

It had been a few days since I saw Julius again it was hard with all the papparazzi and fans following us so we never really talked, we were on the front page of every magazine and rumours we were dating. Finally when I did I realized maybe we shouldn't have, Julius was different he seemed more cocky and full of him self then usual. He wouldn't stop talking about other celebritites he knew, his movies and his cd's. Sure at first it was intreseting then it just got
boring, where is the old Julius? Great he remebers me but does he remeber the memories....
"Hey, um Julius it's great you remeber me but do you remeber Nosey,Scarlett, Al,Emmet or even Ursula?"
Great he remebers no one from his past.
I couldn't take it anymore so I lied, and said I had to still unpack.
He nodded then I left, then I looked and he can running after me as if he had one more thing to tell me.
Cameras came swarming out of everyplace,then a thud! was disinct out of the shudders of the camera. Julius got hit with one of the cameras and fell to the ground. I got him to the hospital, he woke up from unconcussisons after a few hours.
"Yes Julius?"
"I remeber.....and there's something else...."
"What is it?"

Sorry for the short chapter wanted to leave you guys hanging, sorry I haven't updated in awhile I felt to lazy lol :P
(Btw my cousin has her story up in Drama, 'You'll Be In My Heart' and she'd much appreciate it if you read and reviewed Thanks!)

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