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Frank finds out something unusual about Luke.

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Two weeks passed by quickly and now it was the last day I got to keep Lukey. I had decided to do something special and take him to the park or somewhere. Over the past weeks I had noticed he was a lot like me, but also reminded me much of Gerard. That's why I decided to have a DNA test done that day. I just needed to know who was the father. And the truth is, I hoped it was me. Really. So I took Luke to the park and we sat down on a bench and ate ice cream.
"Hey Lukey today is the last day you are with me, so I have something for you. But close your eyes." I said with a smile. He covered his eyes with his hands and he waited impatiently as I took out the necklace from my pocket. It was a black bat that had red letters written across it's body that said "Fwankienstein & Skittle". Skittle was the nickname I had given him because he practically lived from skittles.
"You can open your eyes now". He removed his hands and gave me a huge smile.
"Wow that's so cool Fwankie, that is my favorite animal. And it even has red eyes!" God, he was so excited.
"Do you know what it says?" I asked, and he shook his head.
"It says Fwankienstein and Skittle. It is so you can remember, I will allways be your best friend. It is a promise, we will allways be friends." I explained as I showed him my matching necklace.
"And you have one too!" He exclaimed, and hugged me very tight. I helped him put it on and I put mine too.
"I love you Fwankie." He hugged me once more. We broke apart, and now was the time to tell him where we were going.
"Hey we are going to a place, but you are going to promise me that you will not try to run away." I said.
"Is it a scary place? Were are we going?" He asked concerned.
"Not really, but they will have to put a needle on your arm.
"Why?!" He exclaimed holding his left arm.
This was the time where I had to think of an excuse. What would I tell him? 'Oh, they are going to take blood out of you to see if it's the same as me because I think I am your daddy, since your mom slept with me and her boyfriend at the same time.' Of course I couldn't tell him that.
"The doctor just has to make sure that you are not sick, so we don't have to take you to the hospital." What did I just say? Yeah, another lame excuse product of my stupidness and lack of time for creating a better excuse.
He stared at me thinking if he should believe me or not.
"Oh, okay." He said a little nervous.

" Okay Mr. Iero, the results will be ready in about two hours." The doctor said, and excited the room leaving me and Luke alone.
"Did it hurt Lukey?" asked him. We were at the doctor's and they had just taken our blood.
"Not really." He said with an innocent smile.
"Good." I said smiling back to him.
"Hey, we have to come back in two hours, how about we go to the movies?" His face lit up when I said that.
"Yess!!!! i love the movies!" He exclaimed with a huge smile.

We picked a random cartoon movie, and got in without buying any food or candy, since we were already late. It was fun, we laughed a lot, and by the time we came out we were still laughing. Since we where in the mall, we went to some random stores, and obviously a toy store, where I got him a batman, and then we took a picture together in a photobooth that was there. I actually had a really good time with Luke. But not even that could prepare me for what the doctor was about to tell me about the DNA test.

We got there three hours after we had last been there, and I was just happy that it wasn't closed jet.
We got in and sat down on the chairs in the waiting room. Then the doctor came in, and when he saw me, he gave me a confused look.
"Mr. Iero, could I speak to you alone for a minute?" He asked, nervousness in his voice.
"Yeah, sure. You will be okay on our own for a while right?" I asked turning to Lukey. He nodded and resumed his game with his new batman.
After we came in the next room, the doctor told me to sit down on a chair, and he sat behind his desk.
"What I am going to tell you, Mr. Iero"
"Call me Frank please, I feel like my dad when you call me "Mr."
"Well, Frank what I am going to tell you may seem amazing, almost imposible, but it is true, and there is some theories that this could happen."
"What is it?" I asked feeling worried for Lukey.
"Well, this boy does have your DNA. He also has his mother's DNA, but..."
"He was a third person's DNA."
"What? So you are telling me that he has one mother and two fathers?" I asked shocked, more that the fact that he was my son after that,
"Yes, that is what I am telling you."
But at the moment I really didn't care about that. I could only think about one thing, and although I was the type of guy that didn't cry easily, I started crying silently, but tears of happiness.
"Oh my god, I have a son. And he is the most amazing boy I've met." I thought trough tears with a smile drawing on my lips.
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