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“I want you to make love to me.”

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Title pretty much says it. First attempt ever at a love scene.Nothing explicit. Tried to keep it PG-13.

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Brent opened his bedroom door and laid me on the bed. Taking his wallet out he took out two foil-wrapped packages and lay them on the beside table. Looking back at me, he smiled.

“I love you, you know that right?”

I laughed, “After three years in this relationship, I kinda hope you would.”

Rolling his eyes, Brent sat on the bed and crawled over to me until he was hovering over me. He looked into my eyes several minutes before letting his gaze lower slowly to my lips. Shifting, I put my hand behind his head and pulled him closer to me. Our kiss started and slow and sensual but as time went by it became hot and erratic. As the kiss began to deepen, my hands found the buttons on Brent’s shirt and began unbuttoning them. As soon as his shirt was off, I stared on his pant zipper. Breaking the kiss Brent started untying my halter.

Soon we were both lying beside one another nude as Brent slipped a finger inside of me. Shortly after that he added another. Soon there were three. Stopping the kiss once more, Brent leaned over and opened one of the packages. He handed it to me to slip over his erect member. After I had, he pushed me back gently onto the pillow. Climbing on top of me he positioned himself at my entrance.

“Baby, this might hurt a little bit. As I enter I want you to bite down on my shoulder.”

I looked up at Brent and tried not to laugh, “Masochist much?”

Brent smirked and kissed me again. As he began to enter me I did as he said. By the time he was completely inside of me he had a welt on his shoulder that I knew would eventually become a scar.

“What do you want?”

“I want you to make love to me.”

That he did.
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