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I tried not to giggle, but the pleasure was numbing. It was hard to focus and I had legs the equivalent to jello. He walked faster, most likely to avoid suspicion. I felt happy in the giddy haze he put me in. Frank sat at his desk and shot another smile at me. He began to type like nothing happened. I sat at my desk, it was difficult to think straight. I pulled out a notebook and began to draw. I was in a frenzy and you couldn't stop me. I quietly hummed a song, I didn't know what it was but I sang it anyway. I was drawing furiously. I looked at the clock an hour later and it was already going on six o clock. I saw Mr. Banks walked our way.
"Iero. Way. Get out of here. I'm letting you off early."
Hearing this I smiled and looked at Frankie. Who smiled back and we both gave a frantic thank you, rushing out the door.
"Why so giddy?"
"It's your fault you know."
"And? You didn't complain before." He smiled biting his lip.
"Don't do that. It drives me nuts."
"Do what?" he giggled and bit his lip again.
"Oh this?" He bit his lip one more time.
"Damnit Frankie!" I pushed him up against a nearby tree and pulled him to me furiously into a deep kiss.
"Wow." Frankie was panting.
"Yeah. Wow. Now don't do that cause I'm not to sure what I'm capable of next."
"I'll have to test that theory."
"Do you find joy in torturing me?"
"Maybe." He giggled, biting his lip.
"That's it. I can't look at you." I threw my hands up frustrated and laughing.
"Gerard Way... I love you.I don't care how long its been. It's how I feel."
"I-I don't know what to say."
"You don't have to." Frankie kissed me gently. I was struck dumb and speechless.
"You want to go to the park?" he smiled asking. Not able to speak I nodded. He offered me his hand. I was apprehensive but I took it. It felt like the right thing to do when his palm squeezed mine. I didn't quite know where we were going, but I didn't care. We didn't speak. We didn't need to. Not like I could find the words to say anyway. I was happy with our silence. We just held hands, not a worry in the world. Just here. Just now. We made a few turns and we made it there. To my dismay, Frankie let go immediately and made a bee line for the merry-go-round. Jumping on, he looked adorable.
"Get on here."
"What if I don't?"
"I'll have to pin your sorry ass like I did the other night. I may be short but I can kick your ass."
"I'd like to see you catch me first."
"Get on here, Way. Last chance."
I laughed, taking off my uniform jacket. I put one hand on my hip and leaned toward the merry-go-round.
"Don't say I didn't warn you." The next thing I knew he was attempting to jump on me, I ran laughing. He was fast but I was just a bit faster. I ran up to the playground, when he neared I jetted down the slide. I was just out of his grasp. I was so loving this.
"You can run all you want, you won't catch me." I shouted out of breath.
"I will."
"You won't. This is payback." I was expecting a remark back but I heard nothing. I didn't see him anywhere, so I propped up against a tree, letting myself breathe. Suddenly, I fell to the ground. I came down with a loud thud and an "oof". Frankie had caught me, from the tree. Mother fucker!
"HAHA!" he yelled.
"What the fuck was that?!" I laughed out of breath.
"It's called defeat." He had me straddled and I turned on my back to face him. Sweat was rolling down his face and his cheeks flushed.
"I-I love you too." I pulled him by his tie into a soft kiss. Thank you God for creating such a boy.
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