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Inuyasha and his Blood Beast

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In which Inuyasha has a few problems with his blood beast.

Category: Inuyasha - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Parody, Romance - Characters: Inuyasha, Kagome, Sesshoumaru - Published: 2006-02-17 - Updated: 2006-02-18 - 782 words

Inuyasha was pissed. This wasn't an uncommon mood for the guy, but right now he was REALLY pissed, for a number of reasons-all of which would make perfect sense to any reasonably intelligent individual.


He had been kissing Kikyou, his old love, when Kagome had stumbled upon them. What Inuyasha wanted know was how she managed to stumble upon them in the first place. He had decided to meet Kikyou in a guarded, secret meadow hidden within a deep, mysterious forest over 200 miles away from their current camp just tostop that from happening.

Well, whatever. Kagome was just "special" that way.

When Inuyasha first realized that Kagome had seen them together, he had screamed, "SHIT!" and immediately began running after her. Didn't Kagome understand? She was his true mate, and Kikyou was just... an old fling. Yeah, sure he made out with her, but that didn't mean anything. It had been for purely scientific reasons! He had wanted to know if the ancient adage was true, "A little tonsil hockey here, a little tonsil hockey there, and happiness abounds everywhere!"

Obviously, it wasn't. What a doozey.

He had run to go look for Kagome after managing to rid himself of Kikyou. When he smelt the scent of his half-brother, he had begun to worry. What the hell was the Fluffster doing here, in his own lands of all places? The nerve of that guy really was astonishing sometimes.

He had then come upon a small clearing, where he could smell both his half-brothers scent AND the Ivory Night Blossom fragrance that was Kagome.

Mixed in with the smell of Kagome-Ivory night-blossom-he could smell the peppery smell of tears. Now, most tears smell salty, but Kagome's tears... they were a whole different story. Apparently, God Himself (A/N: Ano... this is not nessessarily the Cristian God, its just god in generale. Just wanna cleer that up in case sum one thikns I'm being politaclly incorrect) had seen what an extraordinary person Kagome was, so he had decided to give her the gift of peppery-smelling tears, so that she could easily be differentiated from the dull masses.

The scent of Kagome's tears was not what pissed him off. What pissed him off was the fact that Sesshoumaru's scent, and the scent of his dragon-Uaaaan, was it? Or maybe Aeeiiu? -was intertwined with Kagome's, and that Sesshoumaru's scent smelled a bit... lustier than usual.

This puzzled Inuyasha, at first. He had always thought that Sesshoumaru seemed sorta gay. So what in the world would he be lusting over?

After thinking long and hard, Inuyasha finally managed to put two and two together. Sesshoumaru had been lusting over Uaaaan!


But that still didn't answer the question of what had happened to Kagome. Had Sesshoumaru gone off on a mad love-fest with Uaaaan and accidentally dragged Kagome along? Had Uaaaan seen Kagome, been entranced, and decided that Sesshoumaru wasn't the lover he wanted after all? Were they three now embarking on a love triangle, filled with angst, romance, and kisses under twilight?

This was bad. This was very, very bad.

So now, Inuyasha was forced to sniff around the small clearing, desperately looking for clues as to what had occurred there. It wasn't the fact that Kagome was gone that scared him-he felt more guilty and angry about that than anything else. (If only he could have been there to protect her from the lusty paws of Uaaaan, that cursed beast!)

What really scared Inuyasha was the fact that he had had about ten minutes left to find out exactly what had happened to Kagome before his blood-beast took over and he ravaged the countryside in a blood-rage, desperately seeking his love.

While in this aforementioned blood-rage, his black blood would rise, and he would find himself doing many unpleasant things-engaging in blood-baths, blood-showers, blood-rapes, blood-fights, blood-hugs, and even eating blood-food. Inuyasha shivered, his golden eyes looking around nervously. The road ahead was dark indeed.

Ten minutes passed, in which Inuyasha found no clues as to what had happened to his love.

The eleventh minute passed, in which Inuyasha barely managed to keep his blood-best from surfacing.

The twelfth minute passed, in which Inuyasha worried about what would happen in the thirteenth minute.

In the thirteenth minute, Inuyasha's control snapped. His hands tightened into angry fists, and his eyes began to glow an eerie blood red. He snarled.

"Snarl!" The cry echoed throughout the forest, and if the woodland animals had had boots, they would surely have quivered in them. The Blood-demon Inuyasha had risen.

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