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Confessions of A Broken Girl

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Is it just me, or are all the hot emo boys slowly going off the market and becoming husbands? First it was Mikey, then Gerard. Earlier this year it was Frank, and now last week, Pete Wentz became unavailable. But don't get me wrong, Pete and Ashlee Wentz, as she's oficially telling people her name will be, do look amazingly cute together. Ashlee is now under the performing name of Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, and for home life she's Ashlee Wentz. She looked becutiful in her floor length white gown, showing off her baby bump. She looks to be about four months along, although that is this authors personal guess. The wedding looked beautiful, with Hemmy the ring bearer and FOB as groomsmen. The cake was probably my favourite thing, being a "Alice in Wonderland" themes cake, being a teapot, flower pot and clock. The weirdest thing will be seeing Pete's ring in interviews, and the thought that by the end of this year, he's going to be a daddy. But from interviews alone, and knowing how he is, we all know he's going to be a perfect Dad for the baby punk-rocker to come, assuming he/she follows in Daddy's footsteps rather than Mommy's, although either way, it won't be bad. I'm happy for the happy couple, as they are one of the industries cutest couples in a long while. Good luck guys, and I hope you all feel the same.

Anyways, chapter 11:

"I asked you a question, and I'd like an answer - what the fuck are you doing?" Alex persisted. I scrambled around, pulling a sheet over my slightly sweaty body, covering up my insecureness. Not only were there bruises scattering my ribs, stomach and chest, but there were also gashes, yes, that I had made myself, cirling my thighs, upper arms and sides. My anti-depressants weren't working as effectivly as they should have been. Gabe scrambled for his bathrobe which had been thrown on the floor next to the bed, tying it quickly and sitting down on the bed next to me. Only then did I take notice of all those who were in the room with us - Ember, Alex, Ryland, Nate, Vicky, Alexia, Brendon and Michael.

"Can't you just be happy for us? That we've managed to find love?" Gabe asked.

"Hang on, I thought you were with Ryan?" Alexia asked, confused.

"I am. It's just..." I started, tears brimming to my eyes, pricking at the lids, threatening to fall. I pulled the sheet tighter around my body.

"And what's with all the cuts honey? I thought we got past this months ago," Ember added, walking over to the bed, sitting down next to me and gathering me in her arms.

"Anyway; Gabe, Emmi, don't you think its wrong of you to sneak behind everyones backs? Have you stopped yet to think of how much you're hurting Ryan?" Alex persisted. I let out a malicious chuckle at his choice of words.

"What's with the laughing?" Alexia questioned, hiding behind Brendon. Only then did I notice that they were holding hands. But that didn't alter my mood.

"You're all worried about how 'poor Ryan' will take all this news. You don't know the truth. None of you know the truth, and you can't handle the truth."

"What are you on about honey? You need to tell us," Ember pleaded, and the tears fell.

"He's been... abusing me. Physically, mentally, emoionally, psychologically... sexually." I motioned for someone to pass me my underwear, which I slipped on before lowering the sheet, stepping off of the bed onto shaky, unstable legs, showing the room my bruises.

"This is what he's done. Ever since I aborted the baby, he's been drinking heaps and turning his anger to me. Every night he lashes out at me in some way. In the beginning it was just a slap here or there, then it turned to punching and kicking every night. Soon it turned to him taunting me about my lack of friends and family; and a couple of months ago, he started assaulting me... raping me." My legs couldn't hold out under my weight and I collapsed to the floor in a fit of silent sobs. Brendon came over to me and crouched by my body, cupping my face in his hands.

"I knew something was up. Everytime I saw you, you were in tears, or clutching a part of your body. Why couldn't you tell me? Tell any of us for that matter?"

"I was too disappointed with myself, ashamed of who I was, who I was turning out to be; and I couldn't take it. I decided it was best kept silent... then Gabe was there and so close, and I opened up to him. He took me in for the night, and something happened between us, something big, worthwhile and life-changing. Soon it progressed to what it is today... love. I can't help it, I love Gabe. I love him more than I ever have, or could ever love Ryan." Everyone in the room was smiling at my proclamation of love, and Alex's stern gaze was softening ever so slightly.

"Emmi, love is too simple for how I feel about you. There are no words big enough, complex enough, picturesque enough to describe the feelings I have for you right now," Gabe admitted, walking over to me, scooping me in his arms and clasping me in an embrace. I melted into his body, savouring the security and warmth his body gave me.

"Hate to break up the love fest guys, but there is a party we should be getting ready for," Vicky remined us and we broke apart.

"Okay, you go home with Bren, your sister, Ember and Michael and get ready - make sure you keep an eye on her guys; and we'll get ready here, then meet you at AK for the party," Gabe commanded, and we all scrambled to our feet.

"And for god's sake guys, don't breathe a word of this to anyone, not even Jon or Spencer. When we're at AK, just be normal, and if anything happens, we can break it up or something," Nate added, and we nodded. I slipped back on my clothes from earlier and took Ember's hand in mine, leaving to get ready for the party, which would turn out to be one hell of an eventful night.
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