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Chapter Three: Not So Alone

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Chapter Three: Not So Alone
Song: Blue and Yellow– The Used

“Gerard! Gerard!”

“Dona please calm down!”

Blinding light circling me. Where am I? Who am I?

“It’ my fault! It’ all my fault!”

“He’ll be okay! I promise!”

Tall figures tugging at my arms. Get away! GET AWAY!

“Don’t touch him!”

“Stop it!”

“Calm down!


Dizziness. Pain. Burn.

"Gerard! Hold on! I love you Gee!”

I love you?
Someone loves me?


My head began to twirl as I was soon pulled into complete darkness. A soft beep was heard until that to began to disappear, and slowly fade away, allowing the dark clouds of black to consume me fully, and just like so many other times, I was left alone. All I had was my shadow, but that also seemed to find away to escape my presence.

Was I that horrible?
Was I that unbearable?

“I’m sorry Gee.. I’m so sorry”

That voice, so close yet at the same time so far away.

“I love you Gee. Wake up please, wake up”

A soft cry of sadness was heard as I stood still, unable to move, unable to talk. The clouds of darkness began to slowly disappear and there stood a white figure, softly and elegantly she gestured me to walk towards her. I opened my mouth as if to speak but no voice was heard.

“Come here Gerard.” Her voice so enchanting as she gestured me to come towards her once more. A soft smile grew upon my lips, she was familiar, yet unfamiliar at the same time. “That’s mi’ boy” She smiled as I walked towards her, step by step. “Gerard” she whispered as I now stood in front of her, head bowed in shame. “What’s the matter?” She questioned taking a step closer towards me.

She had no face. Nor did she have a body, yet there she stood so beautifully. “Answer me darling.” She cooed, as she took my face in her paper white hands.

I gasped, expecting the sudden burn to erupt throughout my body.
..But it didn’t. I was numb, I felt nothing.

The enchanting woman smiled as she slowly brought my forehead to her lips kissing in gently. “I cant harm you Gerard. Do not be afraid. Now.. tell me what’s wrong.” I smiled gently as I looked towards her. “Who are you?” I questioned, causing a small giggle to escape her lips. “You know who I am.” I eyed her with a confused expression. “N-No I do-“ “Shhh Gerard, let us walk” she interrupted, taking her hand in mine and leading me further towards now forming white clouds. “For years upon years Gerard..” she began as she gripped my hand in comfort as I was slightly afraid of what she was going to say or ask. “you have always said that you feel alone, and I correct?” I nodded as she smiled synthetically. “Now Gerard, I have a question for you. Why are you alone?” I bit my lower lip as I muttered a small “Because no one can touch me, no one loves me.. I’m alone.” “But your not.” her voice echoed thought out the black abysses sending shivers down my spine.

“Your not alone Gerard, and you never will be.”

“But I am! I’m alone!”

The elegant woman smiled as she turned her back on me suddenly. “Think about it darling, think.” And with that she slowly began to depart her body fading at every step she took. “Wait!” I called after her. She turned her head slightly smiling slightly as she began to fade. “Think about it Gerard, think...” She whispered and then she slowly disappeared, and the once more the dark black clouds began to form.

I was alone.
I was all alone.

How could she say I wasn’t alone when I was?

My head began to feel heavy as I suddenly tumbled to the floor, my skin became inflamed as it burnt and I can to scratch as if to rid the pain. “Help!” I screeched as I dug unto my skin drawing blood.

..Alone, all alone.

“Help me!” I screamed louder, my vision beginning to blur as the black clouds began to suffocate me.

My breathing became ragged as I breathed heavily to catch my breath.

“So long and goodnight Gerard.” The enchanting voice whispered as white figures began to pull me towards a blinding light. “So l-long.. G-Grandma.”



My head throbbed as hand clenched my arms, tugging and pulling causing me to groan loudly as my arms throbbed and felt as if daggers were cutting the soft fletch right of my bones.

“Stop touching him!” The voice of my younger brother yelled causing me suddenly to snap my eyes open. I groaned loudly as I was blinded by artificial lighting. “M-Mikey?” I questioned. Throat throbbing as it felt abnormally dry.

My vision began to clear and then suddenly I was met with the tear stained face of my younger brothers hazel eyes as he sniffed, rubbing away at his blood stained red nose. “G-Gerard” he whispered biting back a sob as he took hold of my hair tugging it continuously causing me to groan in annoyance. “K-Keep doin’ that am I’ll be bold soon e-enough.” I muttered causing him to laugh halfheartedly.

“W-What happened Mikes?” I questioned as I pulled my throbbing body into a seating position, my head swirled as the blood rushed to my head causing me to lean forward and moaned in pain, and then without hesitation it all came rush back.








“Your had a heart attack Gee.”

My head snapped up, and there I was met with my sobbing brother who clenched my bed sheets tightly. “Y-You hugged me, a-and-“

“I’m so sorry M-Mikey.” I interrupted tugging at his brown locks causing him to smile sadly. “Y-You nearly died G-Gerard!” His voice cracked as he dropped his head in his hands crying softly. “Y-You could have d-d-died! And what f-for? F-for me!” He’s sobbing increased causing me to cringe at the sight of my younger brother.

And then it hit me.

“Your not alone..”

The enchanting woman, was it all a dream?
Who was she?

..Wait, s-she was Elena! She was my Grandma.

“Your not alone Gerard.. Think about it.”

My jaw dropped as thousands upon thousands of memories came rushing back to me.

Mikey giggles as he clenched his teddy bear close to his chest. “I love it gee!” he laughed, hugging it tighter. “I’m glad you like it Mikes, when ever your scared or sad just hug it, but in actual fact Mikey, you’ll be hugging me kay?”

Mikey giggled as he nodded energetically.

“That way Mikes you’ll never be alone. Now, go to bed!” I laughed as Mikey pounded, but tugged my hair and skipped of towards his bedroom.

I sighted heavily as I made my way towards my bed. I ran my hands through my oily raven hair.

I had bought Mikey that bear when I had made my few trips to the mall. 40 whole bucks I spent on it. I had to finger pant for about two months until I could finally afford new paint brushes!

But it was worth it, after what hell I put him through.

“Now you’ll never be alone..” I whispered to myself as I sunk down into my mattress “unlike me.”


I jumped slightly as I snapped my head towards my bedroom door, and there stood Mikey. “Y-Your not alone Gee.”

I smiled sadly as I shook my head. “I am alone Mikes, I am..” my voice was barley a whispered as I sat deep in thought for a moment.

“No!” Mikey suddenly snapped as he rushed towards me. “Your not!”

I groaned. “Go to bed Mikey.”
“NO!” He yelled causing me to jump at the sudden rise in volume.


“Your not alone Gee!”

I eyed him with confusion as he held the bear close towards him. “Your not, your not!” he reaped.


“Your not alone Gee.. B-Because you’ll always have me. You’ll never be alone, because I’ll be here, kay!?”

My eyes widened and without hesitation, I brought my lips to Mikey’s forehead kissing him lightly then pulling away quickly as my lips began to tingle and burn at the sudden contact. “T-Thanks Mikey..” I smiled as he giggled and without another word he skipped out of my room, leaving me alone.

But for some reason..
I didn’t mind.

I wasn’t alone.
I had Mikey.

The tears fell as I sat dumbstruck at the forgotten memories that came rushing back. “I-I love you M-Mikes. T-Thank you for keeping me safe, f-for keeping me alive.”

Mikey’s eyes slowly met mine a confused expression implanted on his face.

I laughed lightly. “H-hey Mikey, remember how you said I nearly died?”

Mikey nodded sadly casing me to run my finger through his chestnut hair, careful not to touch his scalp. “Remember you said that I would have died for nothing?”

Mikey nodded once more, more confused than ever.

“Well Mikey.. I wouldn’t have died in vain.”

“W-What?” Mikey gasped at my sudden forward words.

I smiled as I took a handful of his hand and tugged. “I would have died for a good reason Mikes.”

Mikey’s eyebrows meet as he frowned, clearly not understand what I was saying. “What do you mean Gee? You would have died! Over nothing!” He yelled causing me to laugh and hush him softly.

“I wouldn’t have died for nothing Mikey. I would have died… for you.”


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