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Chapter Four: Sing Me To Sleep

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Chapter Four: Sing Me To Sleep
Song: My Chemical Romance - Interlude

The soft mellow moonlight seeped its way through the swaying blinds as a soft warm yet chilled breeze blew fluently through the window. The 4 bars shun brightly as if mocking my stay with smug laughter.

Why the fuck did they have bars on the windows anyway?
I thought this was a hospital, not a prison.

Better yet, why the hell do I have to stay here?!

I groaned as my head feel gently back against the soft paper white pillow. The doctors had advised me to stay for no more than a week to cheek my progress, and just in case my heart were to stop beating once more.

“I hope it fucking does.” I muttered to no one in particular as I watched the ivory blinds sway lightly, reviling the bared off street lights and a small pathway that led out of this dreaded place.

“Ma, come on! Please!” I pleaded as my mother rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“For the last time, no Gerard! Your going to stay here, get better and then we’ll come pick you up!” She snapped as she began to pull Mikey by his t-shirt who stood by my side grinning sadly.

“Cant I stay with hi-“

“NO MIKEY!” She snapped as she pulled him further away from me as if I were a deadly disease. “Bye Gee.” He whispered waving slightly as my mother pulled him away from my sight. I watched as his figure soon disappeared behind the sky blue walls of Hospital Wing B.

“Bye Mikes.” I whispered, holding back the tears that threatened to fall. “I’ll miss ya little bro.”

“It’ll be okay Mr. Way.”

I looked towards the elderly nurse who eyes me in pity as she handed me a chilled glass of water. I took it, avoiding touching her fingertips and shot her a fake smile. She turned her back and left me alone once more, I sighted heavily. “Will it?” I questioned after her, as her figure soon disappeared as well.

“And why are you awake young man?!”

My heart skipped a beat as a male nurse no older than 30 entered my room glaring at me with utter annoyance.

Truthfully, I couldn’t blame the guy, considering its probably passed mid night, and I’m pretty darn sure I’ve woken up several other patents with my continues groaning.

“I cant sleep.”

The male nurse rolled his eyes and walked towards me, he was a big guy, all built up and such, witch made me feel pretty small and paranoid. He suddenly reached for my left arm, I yelped and snapped my arm away before he could take hold of it. “What the fuck are you doing?!” I snapped and he stared coldly at me.

“I was going to check your tag to see if I could supply you with sleeping tablets.” He muttered in an almost bored tone.

“I don’t want fucking sleeping tablets! Leave me alone you nut case! And don’t touch me!” I yelled causing a few groaned to escape the lips of those who shared a room with me.

The male nurse sighted rather loudly as he backed way. “Your one to speak.” he muttered under his breath as he sighted heavily once more. “Try get some sl-“ he paused and I shot him a confused glance as he stood, his face suddenly dropped with sadness and then.. Without warning I heard it.

The soft enchanting melody of a guitar being played slightly in the distance that consist of high and low notes mixed into one to create one phenomenal tune that caused my heartbeat to slow until I myself had thought I had suddenly died, and floated to heaven and there an anonymous angel sat hidden behind a white cloud and played as I walked towards the golden gates. I would have happily believed it if it wasn’t for the sudden singing that erupted through the deadly silent hallways of the hospital wing.

“Saaiinnttsss proteccttt heeerrrr nooowww… “

My voice was suddenly lost as I stood in silence as the boy began to sing. I sat, frozen in pure pity as the young mans voice was filled with agony, yet at the same time hope. His voice wasn’t as mangnificant as his guitar playing, but it was still good, it was groggy from lack of training but it still had caused my heart to slowly skip a beat as he began the next part of the song witch brought silent tears to my eyes.

“Commmeeee…”The boy took a harsh breath of hair, as if holding back a sob, then continued to sing. “angeellssss of the looorrrddd..” He paused once more, a harsh sob escaped his lips causing me to shut my eyes as he began to sing.. “Commmeee…angels, of.. the unnkknnoowwnn..”

His voice soft faded into its finale, and he slowly ended his piece on a single high note that caused my eyes to snap open.

I jumped slightly as the male nurse stood froze just as I was. I opened my mouth, but stopped as the male nurse lifted his hand as a gesture to silence me.

We remained in silence for what seemed like an eternity until another tune began to erupt through the hallways. But unlike the other it was filled with hope and happiness, a small smile appeared on the male nurses chapped lips as he slowly dropped his arms.

I waited silently, listening carefully for his soft voice.. but it didn’t come. The male nurse seemed to notice how intently I was listening, and with that he whispered “Early Sunsets Over Monroeville.”

“Wait, w-what?”

The nurse shut his eyes as the melody began to soften, turning the slightly happy tune into one of sadness. “The name of the song is called, Early Sunsets Over Monroeville. He doesnt sing in this one.. h-he just, plays.” He whispered, his blue eyes meeting mine.

“W-Who is this boy?” My voice broke as tears feel from my eyes.

The male nurse chuckled lightly, “you tend to get that reaction when you hear him playing. He’s one of the best guitarist I’ve ever heard.” His voice barley a whispered.

I stood shocked as the melody soon faded into its finale as quickly as the first song the young boy had played.

The male nurse handed me a tissue, and with a slight nod as I thank you, I whipped away the tears I wasn’t aware were falling until he has pointed them out.

It amazed me that the boy could change the mood of the male nurse who stood bitterly only a few moments ago. And no only that, he had send me into a fit of tears.

And then, without realization a rare emotion empowered me as I looked towards the ivory blinds that sway more rapidly.

I hated this boy.

I hated his talent.
I hated his voice.

And worst of all, I wanted this boy to know I hated him.
I wanted to cause him pain, I wanted to rip him apart, just like he had ripped my soul apart with that simple breathtaking song.
I fucking hated him.
And I was going to be the one to destroy him.
To bring him down, and then.. lift him up once more, bruised and shattered.

I shook those viol images from my head, and for the first time I questioned myself. Why?
Why did I hate him?
Why did I want to destroy him? break him?

“Because I was destroyed and broken.” I whispered softly to no one in particular, unaware the male nurse stood watching me with curiously.

Lies.. all lies...That was simplely a reason... An excuse to break him.

“What did you say kid?”

I jumped as I shot him a fake smile that didn’t quite reach my eyes. “N-Nothing, h-hes amazing.. what’s his name?”

The male nurse grinned sadly. “His names Frank Iero.”

I stood in awe as the male nurse seemed deep in thought. “He’s special.. I swear he is. I new it from the very first day he walked into this place. He has a bright light about him.” The male nurse chuckled lightly, “the first time I laid eyes on him he smiled brightly, walked up to me, guitar case in hand and shook my hand and said ‘the names Iero, Frank Iero, but you can call me Frankie.’” The nurse sighted sadly. “Sometimes it amazes me how much bad that kid goes through, but he somehow finds a way to smile and make it all better. He’s helped a lot of people here in this place, believe it or not, every time a toddler would cry, he’d always pull out his guitar and sing ‘twinkle twinkle little star.’” The male nurse laughed, suddenly snapping out of his daze and muttered a small “its time to go to bed kid.”

I nodded as we both stood lost in thought before I finally asked “can I meet him?”

The male nurses head snapped up and with cold eyes he glared at me, as if reading my mind. “No.” he whispered harshly, turning his back and departing, leaving me to my thoughts.

“Frank Iero huh? A happy child?” I snorted loudly before shut my eyes, awaiting sleep to overcome me. “Not for long..” I whispered before drifting into a deep sleep, ignoring the little voice that said.. please don’t touch him.

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