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Chapter Five: Hell In The Remake

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Chapter Five: Hell In The Remake
Song: One Step Closer – Linkin Park

The lights dimmed unnaturally as my pencil ran across the single white page furiously. Lines formed and joined in a rather fast motion to create the basic outline of a human face. My eyes shun brightly as adrenaline coursed its way through my now throbbing veins as I drew more quickly. My hand ached as I griped the pencil with such force that it suddenly snapped, causing bits and pieces to fly upwards and hit my face, one in particular had flow up with such force and pierced my delicate skin, causing me to yelp as I pulled it out and cringed at the sight of bloody droplets running down my cheeks.

“SHIT!” I screeched as bloody droplets began to delicately land and stain the piece of artwork I had created. I watched as the crimson liquid soared its way into the paper, becoming a permanent stain in my newly created masterpiece.

I sighted, as I ran my stained finger tips across the now smudged paper, cringed at the macabre drawing I had created in no less than half an hour.

A young boy had taken up majority of the paper, soft delicate blond hair swayed in the wind as he clenched an oak wooden guitar for dear life, his eyes wide with fear as dark shadows surrounded him, red irises piercing his innocent body as they circled him leaving him in utter darkness.

He was alone, surrounded by endless darkness.

The name, soft and elegantly written at the bottom of the page. Frank Iero.

I felt the edges of my chapped lips curve into a small smile. This Frank Iero kid had no chance. He was going down, and I was going to be the one to hold out my bloody stained hand, and he would have no choice but to take it. And then, in a swift movement I would push him down once more only to help him up yet again and repeat my actions.

Little do you know child, oh how little you know…

“Oh my god! Gerard what happened?!”

I snapped out of my sudden daze as I eyed the elderly nurse who rushed to my side. “W-What happened to your face!?”

I rolled my eyes as I whipped away the now dried blood. “Nothing, I just had a little accident.”

The elderly nurse began to rush around my room in search of a tissue and disinfectants; I rolled my eyes as I watched her grey hair tied neatly into a bun, bounce up and down as she muttered to herself.

“I’m fine, I just need to stretch my legs, I’m going out into the courtyar-“

“Oh no your not mister!”

I shut my eyes as the throbbing beat of her slippers against the polished floors were driving me slowly and utterly insane.


“Gerard are you listening to me?”



“Shut up god damnit!”

I snapped my eyes open, only to see golden brown eyes drop slowly, her body began tense as she mutter a small “you cant leave you room.”

“The fuck I cant! I’m going.”

God, your such a fucking asshole Gerard! She was trying to help!

I groaned loudly as I kicked of the now crimson stained sheets and pulled of my hospital groan as I went. I felt my cheeks grow warm as I stood in the middle of the room, in nothing but my black boxers. I coughed loudly. “Umm, do you mind?” I blushed.

The elderly nurse said nothing as she slowly left my room, “you better be here when I come Gerard.”

Ignoring her pitiful warning I slipped on my knee ripped jeans and Metallica t-shirt. I ran my finger through my greasy shaggy hair as I lazily slipped on my converse. I dug furiously through the black bag Mikey had packed, until my hands took hold of the small rectangular box. I smiled sheepishly as I pulled out my cigarettes. “God I love you Mikey.”


The walls were painted a grayish-blue. The smell of disinfected was overpowering as I made my way cautiously through the hospital hallways. Doctors eyes me curiously as I power-walled my way through the numerous prying eyes.

Make sure no one touches you. Make sure no one touches you!

I felt slightly paranoid, considering I hadn’t left my house for as long as I could remember. I ran my hands across the blue walls as I walked in search of a courtyard.

“Excuse me sir, but are you lost?”

I jumped slightly as a young woman smiled sweetly. “Ermm, yes. W-Where’s a courtyard, where I could have a smoke?”

The nurse’s smile grew as she pointed down the hall. “Just down there, have a good day.”

I shot her another fake smile as I walked towards the direction she had pointed.

I shivered slightly as a rush of feet were heard in the distance. I hated hospitals, and I always would.
Thousands upon thousands of people had died in this place, can you image how many fucking ghosts must roam this place at night?

“Finally.” I breathed as I walked towards the courtyard. I slid open the glass doors as a rush of cold air had hit me causing shivers to run down my arms and legs. The sight caused all my worries to slowly disappear as the sight held a welcoming garden, blooming with numerous white flowers.

I should have brought some paper with me.

I avoided eyes contact as I walked towards a disserted bench seating myself on the damp wood. I felt two eyes burning into the back of my head.

There probably calling you a ‘freak.’

I grinned sadly at the true fact. They probably were calling me a freak, a weirdo even. I mean who wouldn’t? All my life I had been teased, beaten-

“Gerard Way!”

I groaned loudly as the familiar voice was heard in the distance. Loud stomping footstep made there way towards me. I felt the entire courtyards eyes burning into me as I stood, head down, paying no attention to the angered woman above me who breathed sharply as she inhaled deeply trying to calm herself.

My eyes slowly met hers witch were wide and rage filled, I chuckled soft as I pulled the cigarettes deep from within my pocket.

Okay, I’m not going to lie. My life goal, ever since childhood was to intimidate and piss off as many people as I possible could. I never really mentioned it before, considering I didn’t want to appear to be an utter asshole. But, I just enjoyed making people squirm in the seats, I love to make them bite there tongues in aggravation, as they held back the forbidden curse words they just begged, just pleaded to say.
I wouldn’t exactly call myself a rebel or anything, because I wasn’t. I was far from that as a matter of fact. I was more that “ignorant, annoying, intimidation.. little shit.”

I held back a harsh laugh as I brought the fag to my lips, lighting it as slowly as possible. “Mmmm.” I mumbled as I breathed in the addictive toxins. I smiled softly as the feeling of pure ecstasy took over my body, calming me as I rolled my eyes and inhaled once more.

“Young man, you put that out this second!” The elderly woman snapped, grinding her teeth as I smirked and blew the smoke slowly into her face. “No.”

“Excuse me?”

I laughed as I eyed her, “I’m not putting it out, because I’ve been dying for one ever sine I came in this shit hole.”

“Oh really?” Her cheeks wrinkled as her lips were pulled into a small smile. “Well since you’ve been ‘dying’ for one, I’ll just cancel young Michel’s visit today wont I, Gerard?”

Oh, way to go you fucking idiot.

“W-What?” my voice hitched in my throat.

The elderly nurse’s smile grew. “Enjoy your cancer stick Mr. Way.” And with that she turned her back and slowly departed into the glass doors.

I sat, dumbstruck ignoring the whispering that began to increase as everyone eyed me. My cheeks grew warm as I eyes a young boy who stood leaned against a tree, smug smile implanted in his face as he eyes me with great interest, he turned away quickly as our eyes meet. I stared at him for a moment or so, wanting to get a better look at his face.

After several moment of his looking away I groaned in annoyance. “Fucking bitch.” I cursed under my breath as the elderly woman caught my attention thought the glass window. She eyed me evilly through as she sat at the reception desk. She smiled harshly as she hug up the phone, challenging me with her two golden eyes. I flipped her the finger, her jaw dropped as she turned her back once more and disappeared out of view.

I sat for what seemed like an eternity, until the bench creaked at the sudden extra weight. “Do you mind?” an unfamiliar voice asked. I snapped my head to the side and there, I was met with two enchanting hazel eyes, mixed with numerous shades of green and gold. I stood in awe as I looked over the young boys fetches.
He was pail, abnormally pail like myself. His skin smooth and clean, his enchanting divine eyes ringed with a touch of black eyeliner. His right lip pierced with a silver ringlet, his lips soft and pink curved into a cheeky smile as he flicked his long black fringe out of his eyes.

“She seems all nice, but if you get on her bad side, she can be a real bitch.”

I shook my head, cheeks growing warm as I darted my vision towards an empty bench. “W-What?” my voice was low and nervous as a small giggle escaped his lips.

“The nurse.”

I nodded, taking a long drag from my cigarette once more.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it after a while.”

“I don’t think I’ll be stuck here as long as you kid.” I snapped harshly, regretting it the second it left my nicotine stained lips.

The younger boy laughed. “Yeah true.”
I gazed at him curiously.

Why the hell isn’t his kid yelling at me for being an asshole?

“Frank! Its time to go!”

My eyes widened as a small smirk appeared on his lips. The male nurse called him once more.

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

“Well nice meeting you, Gerard Way.”

My heart skipped a beat as Frank Iero stood, a deviously smile implanted on his face as he suddenly leaned forward. His face was inches from mine until he harshly whispered “see ya around.”

I gasped as Frank’s hand came fiercely in contact with my chest. My breathing began to increase as he snapped his hand away, my head dropped, my eyes grew wide with fear as a simple object lay carelessly in my lap.

“Nice drawing.” He aloud a soft chuckle to escape his lips. “Doesn’t look anything like me, but I’m sure you could make my little changes much more detailed.”

I eyes him in confusion as his smile grew. I looked closely towards the image I had drawn. And there, his soft lips that had been draw in a terrified line now curved forward in a small smile. And written clearly on the guitar it stated, “Come angels of the unknown.”

I slowly lifted my head, only to be met with nothing more than the empty courtyard. I shuffled around in the seat nervously. I eyed the rushed written sentence, “Come angels of the unknown..”

My heart began to race. There was a hidden message behind that simple sentence, and it basically stated “Bring. It. On. Fucker.”

I bit my lip as I tore the paper in half, and then once more. I continued until I was left with nothing more than little pieces of confetti.

Frank Iero new what game I was playing. He new deep down, that I envied his amazing guitar skills. He fucking new I wanted to destroy him. He new I wanted to destroy his soul like he had destroyed mine. His voice had sent me into a fit of tears, in a fit of dread and happiness. He may have no done it intensively, but he had still done it. He was capable of killing me, he was even capable of saving me.

But worst of all, he was capable of controlling me.

I didn’t know how, nor did I even know why.

But one thing I new for a fact was.. Frank Iero, was game enough to except my challenge.

Well there you have it!
ALSO, I’m so sorry if you guys are all confused.

Okay, I’ll explain it.
The first time Gerard heard Frank play, he was taken aback at his amazing talent. You see, Gerard feels threatened by Frank, considering without even meaning to, Frank made Gerard cry, he pretty much can control Gerard emotions easily with his amazing lyrics and musical talent. Gerard wants to “destroy” frank because, Gerard feels the need to take down any threat to his emotions. Gerard will only let say Mikey make him cry because Mikey is his brother.

But when a complete strange comes along, with the power to make Gerard cringe and shiver. Gerard need to eliminate that. Because NO ONE can play with him, no one can touch him.

Get it?

I’m going to explain it further in the next chapter. Because Gerard had issues with his father when he was a child, because he’s father would always make him cry and Gerard would be hit and made to “man up”

..So it gets into his person life.
You’ll also discover how Gerard got his Aphephobia.

No, he was no raped.
He was just beaten.

..I know a lot of people do that, “Gerard was beaten by father” shit, but something like that in necessary in this story. I’m so sorry guys, I’ll tell you one thing though Gerard wasn’t beaten by his father, he was yelled out.. but he was beaten as a child by bullied to the point where he developed trust issues with everyone.

PS. should i continue this? ..cause im thinking about giving up. i dunno.
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