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Chapter 14 - I Never Told You What I Do For A Living

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"I know you're here" I smirked "I can sense it... the fear that is"

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Kelly's P.O.V

Everyone was silent during the trip back to HQ, which I was thankful for considering my head was spinning out of control. We went over a speed bump and my head fell onto Jake's shoulder.
"Kelly, what's wrong?" he said as he lifted up my chin so I met his eyes.
"Nothing" I said sharply, quickly avoiding his eyes.
"Okay, now look into my eyes and tell me there's nothing wrong"
I looked into his eyes to see them full of concern, my eyes started to fill with tears.
'Dammit, I can't lie to him... but I can't tell him the truth either' I thought
"Kelly, please tell me" he pushed.
"I - I'm just upset and shocked at what happened today" I stuttered.
"Are you sure that's it?"
"It's not everyday both your best friends die Jake" I snapped.
"Oh... I'm sorry Kelly. I guess... I forgot." He said ashamed
"WHAT?" I shouted before everything started to go black.
"Kelly... Kelly!" I heard distantly before I felt so weak that I passed out.


Kelly's P.O.V

"So... you're all vampire slayers" I heard a voice.
"No" came Jake's voice "Kelly is a vampire slayer and has been since she was 16"
"16!?!?! What made her become one at such a young age?"
"Well..." Jake began.
"Because vampires killed my parents" I interrupted opening my eyes and sitting up. I saw Jake stood at the back door with Frank smoking a cigarette and Bob and Ray sat on the couch in front of me. They all turned around and stared at me.
"Sorry" Frank mumbled "I-I..."
"It's fine" I butted in "You didn't know"
"Kelly, are you feeling alright?" Jake said quickly putting out his cigarette and sitting down next to me.
"Yeah, just a bit flustered that's all"
Suddenly I felt weird like I wasn't alone... I mean I know I wasn't alone... but it felt like I wasn't alone in my head. I grabbed hold of my head and looked out of the door Jake had left open to see a pair of red eyes hiding in the bushes. I ran towards the door and grabbed the stake that was next to it.
"Kelly, where are you going?" Jake shouted.
I ran out the door and dived towards the eyes, they pulled back in shock, I sat on top of the thing to get a better look. It was definitely a vampire, rage built up inside me and I saw red. I started stabbing anywhere and everywhere I could into the vampire. So much so that I only stopped the second the vampire turned to dust, I sat back, breathing deeply in exhaustion and proudly admired what I'd just done. As I was about to stand up I was knocked back to the ground and felt a sharp pain in my arm. I threw whatever it was off and pulled a knife out of my arm. I stood up and saw someone stood infront of me with lips covered in crimson blood.
"Another vampire" I said "Good" I smiled as I launched towards it. It ran off into the woods at top speed.
"Great... I love a chase" I laughed and started running towards where the vampire had disappeared.
I soon caught up to her and stopped dead in my tracks, I looked around and saw nothing.
"I know you're here" I smirked "I can sense it... the fear that is"
I gripped tighter to the stake I still had hold of and closed my eyes, suddenly I heard a twig snap, I threw my stake towards the sound without opening my eyes, I heard a gasp and then a thud before opening them. I saw the vampire lay against a tree gasping for breath. I walked towards her and pulled the stake out of her heart. She looked at me with sympathetic eyes.
"Don't even look at me" I spat "I don't care for you or any of your race, so when you get back to hell you can tell your friends to look out for me, because I won't stop until everyone of you are dead." Just then the vampire turned to dust. I turned round and started walking back towards HQ, I remembered that I was stabbed in the arm, but strangely enough it didn't hurt anymore. I pulled up my sleeve to see nothing, no wound and no blood.
"Well that's new" I said calmly before carrying on walking.
Once again a heard a twig snap. I turned around with my stake raised high to see a very scared Frank.
"I-I uh we've been looking for you... please don't hurt me" He whimpered
"Why would I hurt you" I laughed. He looked towards the stake that I was still holding above his head.
"Oh... sorry" I blushed "I guess we should get back"
"Yeah" He replied as we started walking. We had quite a far walk back to the building.
"How did you get so far out so quickly... it took me ages to catch up to you and the others lost track ages ago" he asked
"Guess I'm just a fast runner" I shrugged it off.
"Oh, well it's a good job I found you, because I have no idea where I'm going and I can hardly see either."
"You shouldn't have come, you could have got really hurt, I can look after myself but you-." I stopped
"Hey" he said
I just laughed "Sorry".
"Nah, it's fine" He said with a big grin on his face.
The rest of the walk was in silence, partly because I didn't really know him and partly because I didn't want to attract anymore vampires attentions while Frank was here, I didn't want to play babysitter and try to protect him.
When we walked back through the door I saw a very worried Jake.
"You found her" Ray said
Jake looked up and saw me with tears in his eyes. "Kelly, y-your ok" He said surprised.
"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" I asked
"Are you kidding me?" He said shocked "Kelly, last I saw of you, you had a knife hanging out of your arm and you disappeared into the woods... but now... there's not even a mark on your arm."
'Shit' I thought 'need an excuse'
"I don't know what you saw but I never got stabbed" I said with a nervous laugh.
"Seriously, I don't know what you're talking about" I interrupted quickly.
"Oh... Never mind then" He replied confused.

Hey thanx for reading again.. i'm havin big problems with coming up with a last chapter that i could fit into a sequel i've come up with bout 3 different ideas but scrapped dem all in the end. Anyway i've been considering wether to actually DO a sequel or NOT becos i've not bin gettin many reviews an it might jus be a waste of time if no one likes dis one, so plz review an tell me weather to do one...thank yhoo xx
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