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His lie, He Deception, their Love

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By the time Owen and Ianto had made it to the examination table in the autopsy room, Jack had already made it down with Lucy.

"What took you so long? Owen, get to work!" Worry and concern was written into Jack's face, and Ianto took hold of one of his hands and squeezed it in a comforting way. After 10 minutes of silence, Owen spoke out suddenly.

"So Jack, how do you know this girl?"

"Let's just say, I've known her since she was born. Her mother and I were good friends once upon a time." Owen asked no more questions. 20 more minutes passed silently, until Gwen could be heard calling out for Owen. Jack made a motion to stop him, told him to continue working on Lucy, and left to see what Gwen needed.

"So Owen, you and I both know that you were lying when I asked you what was up with Gwen earlier. Are you going to tell me or will I have to ask Gwen?" Ianto's confidence was growing everyday since he started spending more time with Jack.

"No! Don't go to Gwen about this. She'd kill me cause she'll think that I told you and then she'll be even angrier at me. I can't afford for her to hate me because we're just getting our relationship back together again." Ianto was slightly taken aback by Owen's statement of honesty.

"She's...she's...Gwen's...," Owen sighed as he realised what he was about to tell Ianto, "pregnant." Ianto wasn't all that shocked really. He had been expecting a bombshell like this since Owen and Gwen started their affair many months ago.

"Do you know how far along she is?"

"No. She only took one of those pharmacy tests yesterday and we don't have a doctors appointment until tomorrow afternoon." Ianto just nodded in reply.

"So what's the diagnosis on Lucy?"

"Mild concussion. That's all. She should be awake soon." At that moment, Jack and Gwen walked back into the autopsy room. Owen gave Gwen a look as if to say 'are you okay', and she just shrugged her shoulders. Lucy's eyes were fluttering, and she opened them and sat up. She musn't have remembered where she was, as she was looking around, a confused expression written on her face. Tears were starting to well in the corners of her eyes.

"Dad? Dad? Daddy!!" She screamed, before she broke down into tears. Jack rushed forwards and took Lucy into an embrace.

"Shh. It's okay sweetheart. Daddy's here." He started stroking her hair. Owen cleared his thrat from behind.

"Jack, do you mind telling us what the fuck is going on?"
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