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Coming Clean to the team

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"Excuse me? What did you just say Owen?" Asked Jack, struggling to keep his daughter calm.

"I asked you, Captain Jack Harkness, what the fuck is going on here? This girl suddenly turning up, calling you dad, and you think we're idiotic enough not to catch onto anything? Come on, enlighten us with the truth." Owen rushed to the far side of the autopsy room, grabbed a chair for Gwen to sit on, took it over to her and forced her down into it. Jack sat down on the autopsy table so that when Lucy lay down, her head would be resting in his lap, and Ianto sat down so that he draped her feet over his lap. Jack was about to spill the beans on what really happened, when a woman appeared on the archway between the main Hub and the autopsy room.

"Why is there a backpack on my desk and a guitar case on my chair? And why is there a girl lying on the autopsy table?" Probed Toshiko Sato as she descended the stairs into the autopsy room.

"I was just about to get started on that." Jack took in a deep breath before he continued.

"Torchwood, this is my daughter, Lucy Eliza Jones-Harkness. Back in 1992, there was a young woman who wanted to feel how it was to be pregnant. We had been friends for around 5 years at this time, so we agreed that we'd have a child together, as friends. At that point, she didn't know that I wasn't of Earth Origin. After birth, Lucy got into an accident which left her with a 20 chance of surviving, and the odds weren't in her favour. An hour later when the doctor was doing his rounds, she was fully healed. This caused Lucy's mum to ask questions, and I came clean to her about who I was, and that I couldn't die. My immortalitly gene had been passed onto Lucy. Her mum was okay with it, and a month later, once we had moved from London to Nottingham, I met Ianto. We fell in love, but I had to break it off as I had just been recruited to Torchwood 3. Ianto took care of Lucy and her mum. 5 or so years later, my old boss recruited Ianto here, and he brought 10-year-old Lucy with him. He had brought her up to recognise me as her real father, although she called Ianto dad. She went back to Nottingham, my boss retired and left me in charge of Torchwood, and I started to recruit you all. Ianto and I decided it was best that we act like we're simply boss and employee, nothing more. Lucy came back for a short visit two years later, before she went off touring with her band, Panic! For the Boys. Her mum died three months later, so she officially came into my care. She changed her surname from Jones, after Ianto here, to Jones-Harkness, so both her dads would be happy. This is her first visit to Torchwood, Ianto and me in almost four years." Jack was stroking Lucy's hair all the while, and the whole Torchwood team, Ianto included, were stunned, and in a mild state of shock at the story just told. Lucy was the first to speak up.

"So Dad, Yanti, are either of you going to introduce me to the rest of Torchwood 3?" She sat up and swung her long slender legs of Ianto's lap, her mini-skirt hitching up slightly around her waist. Owen stepped towards Lucy, extended his arm, plastered one of his flirtatious smiles across his face and took ahold of Lucy's right hand.

"I'm Owen Harper, Torchwood's doctor." He lifted Lucy's hand to his mouth, and grazed it ever so slightly with his lips.

"Owen, don't you dare! That is my daughter!" Jack strained through gritten teeth.

"Yeah Owen, don't you dare go any further. Not If you want this relationship of ours to last." Gwen shouted before she stormed off out of the hub, Owen trailing meekly behind her.

"Well, that was Gwen Cooper, the newest Torchwood member. and I'm Toshiko Sato, resident computer geek. Everyone calls me Tosh though." Tosh said, extending her hand to Lucy.

"Lovely to meet you Tosh. You know, you look really pretty." Lucy commented, shakig Tosh's hand. Tosh turned beet red at her comment.

"Thanks," she mumbled under her breath. She headed up to the hub. "I'm going to take the rest of the day off, like I had planned. I only came in to get something off my desk, and I have that now, so I'm off home." She said as she went.

"Dad, do you mind if I call the band and invite them here?"

"No. Go ahead. I'd like to meet this famous band of yours, just like Ianto probably would, and if it's okay with you and the others, I might call everyone in for a private show tonight. But only if it is okay."

"Yeah, it's fine with me and it will probably be fine with the others. I'll just go call them." Lucy went off to her fathers office to make the needed calls.
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