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band Introductions

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Later that night, at around 6pm, ianto came down from the Cardiff Bay Entrance to the hub with music equipment in hand, and four guys, also carrying equipment and instruments, trailing behind him.

"Huh! I send you up there to collect Luce's band, and instead you bring down four random guys to have your way with. You are one naughty boy Yant." Said Jack, a flirtatios glint in his eye.

"Uh, dad, this is the band." Lucy appeared out of nowhere clutching a notepad and pen. "Oh yeah, and out of interest. Where the hell are we supposed to set up the instruments and equipment for the performance tonight?" She sat herself down at Tosh's desk, and started scribbling stuff down in her notepad. Jack supposed these were poems and lyrics, as Lucy was the only one insistant enough in the band to write songs, considering they were a cover band.

"Well, I thought we could take out the examination table from the autopsy room as it isn't fixed to the floor, and take out all of Owen's other shit cause thats all on wheels, and we'd set you up down there. We can watch from the stars." Lucy nodded as if to say 'okay'. She set her pen down, and walked over to where the band was standing. They were all still looking in awe at their surroundings.

"I suppose I ought to introduce you to the guys. This is Ryan Smith, our lead guitarist; this is Scott Clarke, bass player; this is Jordan MacDonald on the drums; and this is Jake Daniels, who plays piano and is the 'lead' backing vocalist." Lucy pointed to each of the boys in turn as she introduced them. A thought entered the youg girl's brain, and it was one she absolutely had to voice.

"Oh, and Daddy? I'm kind of, dating Ryan."
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