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Sex Eploitations

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"You're WHAT?!" No-one, not Lucy nor Ianto, had ever heard Jack this angry before. He was even angrier than the time when Owen stupidly opened the Rift twice in a single week, even though it meant that he and Tosh weren't stuck in the 1940's. Lucy cowered behind her band mates as she repeated slowly, and with just a slight hint of panic in her voice.
"I'm dating Ryan. it only started a month ago and Dad, I promise, I really promise that we have done absolutely nothing beyond holding hands, hugging and the occasional kiss." Ryan leaned over and whispered something in Lucy's ear, to which she started giggling hard at.

"If you've done nothing wrong, then you wont mind if I ask you what he just whispered to you. In fact, I might," Jack took in a couple of deep breaths, "I might just give you my," Ianto worked out where Jack was going, and shot him a filthy look, "I mean our, blessings." Jack too a few steps towards the band, and Lucy came out from behind them, and whispered into her fathers ear.

"All he said was that it only took us three years to recognise that we had crushes on each other, and another year to decide that we wanted to try to date." Jack chuckled at the sound of this, and the band went off to set up their instruments and equipment for the nights performance. Lucy went back to her notebook, and Jack went up to his office to call Owen, Gwen and Tosh to inform them about the show and ask them to come in, and Ianto followed him up there. But the receptionist ended up being more of a distraction than anything.

Jack picked up his desk phone and dialled Owen's mobile number, when arms encircled themselves around his waist. He put the handset down, and turned round to see it was Ianto who had captured him. Jack reached up and put his hands around Ianto's neck, and leaned his head onto Ianto's shoulder. They rested together for a few seconds, until something clicked in Jack's head. He remembered that he had dialled Owen's number, so he broke away from Ianto's warming embrace, and picked up the phone.
"Hi Owen, sorry for they delay. I was -"

"You were busy with putting the moves on Ianto, I know."

"Yeah, sorry. I was wondering if you could come into work tonight as Lucy and her band are putting a performance on for us. Be here in around two hours, and please can you call Gwen and Tosh?"

"Sure thing Jack. Go back to screwing the Tea-Boy." Jack never heard the last comment as he hung up the phone. He turned round to Ianto and said in a sultry voice, "Now, where were we?" Ianto took a few steps towards the Captain, before putting his arms around him and leaning his head in so close that his and Jack's foreheads were pressing together.

"Right about here," he said, just before he captured Jack's mouth in a fiery, passionate kiss. Jack put his hands into Ianto's hair as he deepened the kiss. Ianto's hands moved lower down until they were grasping Jack's firm, round buttocks, and squeezed slightly. This caused Jack to let slip a moan of pleasure, and he repositioned himself so that his growing erection was pressing into Ianto's thigh.

Once Ianto felt Jack's growing passion, he broke away and signalled for Jack to go down the small step ladder into the small room which was supposed to be used as Jack's sleeping quarters, but were now used by Jack and Ianto whenever their hormones took over, or they were alone. Jack went down the ladder first, and litterally lifted Ianto down. As soon as they were both down, Ianto shed the suit jacket just as Jack re-captured his mouth, parting Ianto's lips with the tip of his tongue. Ianto let Jack pursue his prize, and started to slip of Jack's suspenders and unbutton his shirt. Jack slid off both items off with great ease, and pulled the t-shirt he wore underneath over his head. He then set his hands to work on Ianto.

Ianto started pressing little butterfly kisses along Jack's jaw whilst Jack removed his tie, and unbuttoned his shirt. Ianto started moving towards the bed, pushing Jack as he went, whilst Jack was wrestling with both their trousers. They both kicked their shoes and trousers off at the same time, revealing Ianto in crisp white Y-fronts and Jack in, well, nothing. Jack dragged Ianto onto the bed and straddled him at the waist, grinding himself against Ianto's crotch. Ianto let a groan of pleasure escape from his lips, seconds before Jack whipped off his underwear. Jack had just rolled off Ianto to reposition himself for what would inevitably come (no pun intended), when they both heard a gasp from the top of the ladder.

"Oh My God!" It was Lucy, and she ran off in shock. Jack instantly jumped up, and started to walk towards the ladder, when Ianto let out a soft chuckle.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Ianto asked. Jack turned around to look at his partner, splayed out over the bed, totally oblivious to what his partner meant, when Ianto pointed down to Jack's bare midriff.

"Thanks Yant. That would have been only slightly embarrasing, going up to face Lucy and her friends bare naked." Jack quickly got dressed, knowing truly well that Ianto was watching his arse with every movement. He headed back up to the Hub, fully clothed this time, and went to where the band had just finished setting up.

"Have any of you seen Lucy?"

"Yeah, she came by here like, two minutes ago looking completely dazed and Ryan went off with her." Said Jordan. It had only just occured to Jack that there were only three guys before him.

"Shit! Do you know where they went?"

"Lucy said something about a cell I think." Scott replied. Ianto made his way back into the Hub, looking even tidier than before his and Jack's 'meeting'.

"Ianto, can you please bring up the CCTV of the cells?" Ianto did as he was asked and, lo and behold, Ryan and Lucy had somehow managed to lock themselves in one, the very same one in which Carys was resident of way back when. Jack hurried down there as fast as he could, which apparently wasn't fast enough, as he found strewn clothes everywhere, and a naked Lucy curled up in the arms of an equally naked Ryan. Lucy was fast asleep, but it looked very restless as she was beginning to thrash around, and Ryan was having trouble keeping her still. Jack pressed the button to unlock the cell, and Ryan sprang to his feet when he saw who it was. He got Lucy's dress and threw it haphazardly over her, before he himself got dressed, in what would have probably been record time.

Jack went over to his daughter and gathered her into his arms, hoping he might be able to calm the teenager down like he did back in the autopsy room. Just as he managed to get her into his arms, Lucy woke up with a scream that reverberated throughout the cell area, causing Janet, Torchwood's resident Weevil to bang against the glass of her cell.

"No, not him. Please not him." Lucy started chanting, rocking slightly in her father's protective arms. Tears began to form at the corners of her eyes.

"I'll talk to you later Ryan." Jack said with a dismissive wave, before trying to calm Lucy down. "What wrong? What happened Luce?"

"I...I...I just...just...I just saw Ianto..." She never finished her sentence as the tears forming suddenly broke free and free fell down her cheeks.

"Please Luce, I can't help unless I know what happened. Please tell me. Tell me what happened to Ianto."

"He died. Someone shot him." She managed to say through ragged sobs.

"Shh honey, it was just a dream." Just then, Ianto's voice came over the intercom in the cells.

"We have a report of a renegade Weevil. Jack, we'd better move." Lucy whimpered slightly in her fathers arms, and Jack looked down at her.

"It wasn't a dream daddy. It felt so real." She said. Jack stood up and helped Lucy up, and then helped her into her dress. He took ahold of her hand and led her out of the cell.

"Do these things ever come true?" They slowly began walking up the stairs to go off to te Weevil threat.

"Sometimes." They finished walking up the stairs hand in hand, before Ianto whisked them off to the SUV. Jack, Ianto and Lucy were on the first Weevil hunt in over three months.
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