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Injuries all around

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A/N: A few quotes taken from episode 1, ‘Everything Changes’. Try and spot them.

Neither Jack nor Ianto saw Ryan climb into the SUV next to Lucy, but neither of them protested against him coming along.

“So Lucy, you introduced me to everyone, but you never introduced everyone to me.” Ryan said in his thick American accent.

“Well, I’m Captain Jack Harkness, Lucy’s biological father. If you don’t mind me asking, what part of the States are you from?”

“ Denver, Colorado. I met Lucy in Nottingham basically the day after I moved from America.” Lucy snuggled into Ryan’s arms, and Ianto’s Palm Pilot started beeping.

“Next left Jack…I mean sir.” Ianto realised he was in the presence of others, and started to regard his Captain the proper, ‘in the office’ way.

“Oh and Mr. Harkness, who is that guy in the front with you?”

“Well Ryan, first of all, you can call me Jack, and second, this is Ianto Jones, Luce’s other father. He cleans up after us and makes sure we get everywhere on time.”

“I do try my best sir.”

“And he looks good in a suit too.” Jack commented, with a flirty look.

“Careful sir. I may be dating you now, but that still counts as harassment.” Jack and Ianto both laughed.

“Shh. I think our girl is asleep back here.” Ryan said, just above an audible whisper. He was right though. Lucy had fallen into a deep sleep, which was just as restless as before. Cries of 'no' and 'stop' could be heard escaping her mouth every few minutes.

"Okay sir, just here." Lucy woke up with one final cry of 'no' just as Jack and Ianto opened their doors.

"Ianto, don't go out there! Please, it could mean your life!" Ianto continued to get out of the vehicle. Lucy charges out of the SUV via the backseat doors, screaming after Ianto until she saw the Weevil who had just decided to charge towards her. Jack stepped in the way and tried to use the anti-weevil spray, but he had picked up the empty bottle. Ryan had also gotten out the SUV, and was trying to pull Lucy back to safety. The Weevil ended up lunging at Ryan, and bit into his right hand. This caused Ryan to whimper in pain, and Jack pulled out his Webley. Lucy sobbed quietly for Ryan, and Ianto tried to pull her away from Ryan and the Weevil.

The Weevil tried to lunge for Lucy, but she shuffled out of the way in time. Ianto stepped in between the Weevil and Lucy, and Jack fired his gun at the creature who was trying to harm his daughter, and made impact. He was pretty sure it hit it's target, as the Weevil fell to the ground with a thud. Jack could hear Lucy dring very loudly, and he moved to the Weevil, picked it up and placed it in the boot of the SUV.

"There's no need to cry over a wounded Weevil Luce. I know you're an environmentalist and one who doesn't like any living thing hurt, but I had to hurt this Weevil, or else it could have killed you, and I couldn't let that happen." Jack said, as he got a hand underneath Ryan's left arm and helped him move back to the vehicle.

"Daddy!' Lucy screamed. Jack had never heard his daughter so angry and upset before. "You shot Ianto, not the fucking Weevil."

"How dare you use that language with me young lady. And Ianto is right over -" Jack saw his beloved partner on the the floor by Lucy's feet, eyes closed, hands clutching at his left side. Tears sprang to his eyes, and he got Lucy to help him maneuver Ianto into the SUV. They sped off back to the Hub, most likely breaking various speed laws and driving through many red lights.

"Ianto, don't you dare stop fighting this. We'll get you back to the Hub and get Owen to look at you straight away." Jack was openly letting the tears fall by this point.

"Jack, I'm not going anywhere. Just...hurry up." Jack managed to get them back to the Hub, and the other three members of the team greeted them in the garage.

"Tosh, Gwen. You two take Leslie here and put her into the cell opposite Janet. Owen, help me take Ianto inside and I want you to look at his wound."

"What about Ryan?" Lucy was helping an incredibly pale Ryan out the SUV.

"Ianto is more important for Owen to work on. And anyway, I can patch his hand up just fine." Jack, Lucy, Ryan and the rest of the Torchwood team headed inside the hub.
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