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/N: Both the poems in this chapter that I used as Lucy's songs were written by me, and can be viewed on my deviant art account. It's panicatthediscowhore.

Owen had managed to stop Ianto's bleeding and taken care of the wound up in the couched area of the Hub, whilst Jack patched up Ryan's hand in his office. Ianto was up and walking around and fetching people coffe in no time. Lucy stood up from her spot next the couch Ianto occupied earlier, and made an announcement to the team.

"We are ready to perform now I think. Unfortunatly, due to his new injury, thanbk you Leslie, Ryan can't play guitar for us, so I'll be playing instead. I warn you now, I'm not too good at it. Please can you make your way to the seats we've set up." The team did as they were asked to. Ianto and Gwen took the two front seats, Owen and Tosh took the seats behind the first two's, and Jack sat down on the top step on the right side of the stairwell. Ryan sat himself on the top step on the left side of the starwell. The band walked in slowly and took up their positions.

Lucy stepped up to the michrophone, and said in a slightly shakey voice, "I'm going to start off with two new songs before the band start playing. The first I wrote about a year ago, and the second I wrote only this morning, just before the band arrived." Lucy started playing her guitar, and launched into the first song.

It's a flash of emotions, a spark of their fears
Inside the hall of their dreams
It's a pinch of love, and a small shake of regret
That light the way to the shimmering sea of our friendship

These girls are soon found
And they soon feel the concequences
But they never know how to percieve
How to prepare for a battle, prepare for a fight
Until they're finished

It's a flash of emotions, a spark of their fears
Inside the hall of their dreams
It's a pinch of love, and a small shake of regret
That light the way to the shimmering sea of our friendship

No-one knows who they truly are
They just want to be seen as huge superstars
But they never realised it would come to this
They say that ignorance is bliss, but it goes both ways
In a battle to find
The one who can save the place
The one with a mind that can decieve even the best of people
And loves the whole world
Who lets there be

It's a flash of emotions, a spark of their fears
Inside the hall of their dreams
It's a pinch of love, and a small shake of regret
That light the way to the shimmering sea of our friendship

As soon as she finished the first one, Lucy launched straight into the second song.

Everyday we are surrounded by pictures
Pictures of people, picture of objects
Pictures of cartoon and fictional characters
Pictures of emotions
My face is a picture of emotions
My eyes glisten like the morning sun when I’m happy
They sink into my head amongst dark clouds when I’m sad
When I cry, it’s as if I’m crying the ocean
My tears, salty and shimmering, roll down my face when I think of your past
My lips, supple and red, part ever so slightly when the thought of you enters my mind
My mouth, my tongue, they long to accept your offer
The offer of your sweet taste
My cheeks, rosy red, show a natural blush whenever you’re near
My face can be read like a book,
But can yours?
Your eyes, as heavenly brown as chocolate, show all the pain of the years, of the past
Your smile warms me through to the deepest part of my heart and soul
Thick locks of your hair covering your face
I shiver when I brush them away from your eyes
Shiver, because your skin is so soft, so smooth
And when you caress my arm with your strong hand
I tremble all over
My knees go weak
And when I do finally taste the offer you give me
I never want to let go, let the chance of your gift pass me by
And I know you will never leave me
Not by the three words you mutter against my neck
But by the way you sigh when we touch, when we kiss
And the way you groan when I have to leave
I know this is me
And you are sure of the person you are becoming
And we are in love
And nothing can tear us apart
But I soon find out this is all a fantasy
A way to mess with my mind, my head
I roll over in bed, and find you clothed, watching me sleep
Your arm around my waist
It was real
Dreams can come true
And mine has
And your name, your sweet, sweet name
I know, and I love, but I don’t tell
Because I’m so in love, that it doesn’t matter, names don’t matter
And you turn to me, and mutter those three words to me
I say them back, again and again

Whilst everyone was applauding her, Lucy switched her guitar for Ryan's electric one, and plugged it into the amp.

"The first song I performed was called 'Satan's Destruction', and I wrote it about the girls we met whilst on tour in America last year. The second song was entitled 'Fantasy', and I wrote it for Ryan." Lucy and Ryan were both blushing after this comment. The band started to play a cover of 'Karma Police', in the style of Panic! At the Disco's cover, but when Lucy needed to sing, 'for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself. Yeah for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself', her voice caught in her throat and the word didn't come out, rendering her speechless. Jake started singing for her as soon as he realised, and Lucy was completely frozen on the spot, unable to strum the notes out on the guitar. At the instrumental break two second later, Ryan ran down his side of the stairs and took the guitar out of Lucy's hands, and played for her, wincing with every movement as the pain shot through his hand.

Jack hurried down his side of the stairs and pulled Lucy into a hug, which she didn't respond to. Jack pulled away slightly, in time to see a single tear roll down Lucy's face. The band finished the song, and the four Torchwood staff who were watching started clapping at their performance. A shadow came over Lucy's face a split-second before she passed out, landing in her father's arms. Ryan rushed forwards to his girlfriend as something clicked in Jack's brain.

"Shit! Guys, we have to cancel the rest of the show. We have to get Lucy to a hospital A.S.A.P. Ryan, help me carry her upstairs to the SUV. Gwen, Owen, Tosh, you stay here and wait for us to call you." Ianto started to get up.

"Where do you think you're going? I want you to stay here and get some rest."

"No. I wont be able to rest knowing that somethings so wrong with Lucy that she's at the hospital."

"Okay, you can come with us, but you have to rest once we get to the hospital." Ianto nodded a 'yes' in reply, and Jack took hold of his hand and ran up to the SUV, following Ryan who was carrying Lucy in his arms.

At the hospital, the guys checked Lucy in and Jack asked for the tests needed. Three hours later, with Lucy in a gown lying unconsious in a hospital bed, Ryan holding onto one of her hands, Jack holding the other, the doctor who took the tests came into the room.
"We have all the test results back, and I'm afraid to tell you that it doesn't look too good for Miss Lucy here." Jack and Ryan both stood up and walked over to the doctor who was standing by the door.

"What...what's wrong with her doc?" Jack asked in a shakey voice.

"Lucy has Cancer. Breast cancer. We could have caught it a lot earlier, and so her chances of survival are very low, but still decent. If we start treatment now, she should still have a good five years left to live." Ryan went back to Lucy's side, tears streaking his face, and Jack sank onto the nearest couch. The doctor quietly slipped out of the room and closed the door behind him.

"But shouldn't she be able to get over this? I mean, she has got your immortality gene." Ianto asked, sitting on the couch next to Jack.

"I'd love to say she can, but immortality in our race, as far as I know, only seems to cover straight death situations. Processes that happen over a few years, like cancer and tumors, they aren't protected against. Unfortunately, she will die. She's going the same way her mother went." Jack managed to choke out before he broke down in tears, waves of them wracking his whole body.

"Why are you crying daddy?" Lucy said quietly from the bed. Jack got up, and told Lucy what the doctor had said. She was fine with it on the surface, but both Jack and Ianto knew that she was hurting underneath.
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