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Chapter 2

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Club, Discussion of the past, Telling Spencer and Jon

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A New Kind of Love Ch 2

We went to some club that was close to the venue. We were all having an amazing time. I had been dancing between Brendon and Ryan the whole night. We had all been drinking. I wasn’t to the point to where I was drunk, but I was really starting to feel it. I was walking back to the table after using the rest room

“Hey there sexy thing” some random dude said as he grabbed my arm. I jerked away from him.
“Excuse me I am trying to get back to my BOYFRIEND” I said as I started to walk away
“ He can wait. I saw you dancing with those two guys. I bet you are fucking them both like the slut you are” he said as he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall
“Get your hands off me now” I said as I tried to fight him off
“not till I get some of the ass of yours” he said as he tried to feel up my skirt. I kneed him in the balls them punched him in the face. He fell to the ground and I took off running back to the table. I was so glad now that Ryan encouraged me to take self defense classes as a teenager.

“Baby what’s wrong?” Brendon asked as soon as I reached the table. I was in tears and was shaking
“lets just go now. I’ll explain on the bus” I said. Brendon wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him. I could tell by the look in Ryan’s eyes that he wanted to do the same. Instead he grabbed my hand and led us all out of the club. We got a cab back to the bus.

“We are gonna head to bed. You gonna be ok Kates?” Spencer asked
“yeah I’ll be fine. Night Spence, Night Jon” I said as I gave each of them a good night hug.
“ wanna explain what happened back there?” Ryan asked then kissed my knuckles. I sat on the couch with each of them on each side of me
“ I was walking back from the bathroom. Some guy grabbed my arm and started calling me a slut for being with both of you. Then he pushed me against the wall and said he wouldn’t let me go till I gave him what he wanted. Then he tried to feel me up. So I kneed him in the balls and punched him, then ran to you guys. I freaked out. I thought it was going to happen again.” I said as I started to cry. Guess I should explain some. When I was 13 or 14 I was raped on my way home from school. Usually I would have walked home with Ryan and Spencer, but the two of them got detention. Normally I would wait around school for detention to be over, but I had a headache so I just wanted to get home and sleep. The guy jumped out of the alley way and attacked me. Ryan was the one who found me on his way home. He took me to this place and took care of me. Ever since that day he has always been there to protect and take care of me

“Its ok Kay. We are here. You are safe now” Ryan said as both his and Brendon’s arms went around me.
“Ry is right. We aren’t ever gonna let you get hurt. I love you more than words can explain. And I know Ryan feels the same. No matter what anyone said, what the three of us have is special. And nothing anyone says is ever going to change that” Brendon said and he wiped my tears away and kissed me
“I love you too, both of you. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I have two amazing boyfriends, both who mean the world and then some to me. I don’t know what I would do without you two. But what are we going to tell everyone. We cant keep this from Spence and Jon. They’ll know something is up. Plus Spence and read me and Ryan like a book.” I said
“we’ll tell Spence and Jon tomorrow. We don’t have to go public about it. Its not like we act much different anyways. Aside from kissing. But we can just come up with secret codes or something while we are in public” Ryan said
“yeah. Other than that is just mine and Ryan’s moms and our sisters. And we can wait to tell them when we are all ready. There is nothing to worry about love” Brendon said
“I know, I just worry too much sometimes” I said
“ its ok love.. It will all work out. Im going to head to bed. Are you two coming?” Brendon asked
“no im going to stay up for a bit.” I said
“ I am going to stay up too. You get some rest for that pretty voice we love” Ryan said
“haha.. Good night my loves” Brendon said as he kissed both me and Ryan
“Night Bren” we said as he walked to our bunk.
“ you sure you are ok” Ryan asked as he caressed my cheek
“as long as I have you and Brend I will be fine. Today has been one of the best birthdays thanks to you two. I would have to keep my feels for you quiet still cause I couldn’t get the courage to tell you. Plus I didn’t want to hurt Brend. Cause I still love him. I was so confused in my head. I had feelings for you as a teenager. Then we had our first time together and it grew more. I always thought we were just friends though I wanted more. Then you introduced me to Brendon. Of course he pulled his whit and charm on me and I fell for him too. And when you pushed fore me and him to get together I thought all chances of being with you were gone. I love being with Bren all these years but I felt like something was missing. I missed you. I suppressed it all until you all started touring. Seeing other girls all over you made me jealous” I said while blushing. Ryan just smiled and brushed my bangs out of my eyes.
“I’ve always loved you. Even though I pushed for you and Brend to get together. I was still jealous. Especially since it was not long after our first time when you met him. And all those random make out sessions we had. I’ve never told anyone else this but I wrote “lying” after you told me that you and Brendon made love. So its actually about you. Me and Brendon started getting close because of you. That’s when I started getting feelings for him. I felt horrible cause I didn’t want to hurt you. So I tried to hide those feelings as well. You remember the tour last year when you got sick and missed half of it. That’s when I found out he had feelings for me too. We were both drunk. You know how I babble when im wasted. It started out with us just making out then brendon told me one day he found out you had feelings for me too. I guess you said something in your sleep or something who knows with Bren. Anyways we knew your birthday was coming up soon so we started planning it all” Ryan said
“You wrote Lying about me” I said shocked. He started blushing
“yeah. I mean I couldn’t help but to wonder if he was better than I was. Or if you ever thought about me when you two were together. But I cant blame you anymore. Brend definitely knows what he is doing in bed and how to make you feel amazing” Ryan said while smirking. I just giggled
“yeah well you are amazing in bed too. Not to mention those long, amazing fingers. I swear I got the whole package. My boyfriends are sweet, caring, insightful, sexy, a bit on the odd side at times, but lets not forget they are both sex gods” I said. Ryan just shook his head and smiled.
“I love you Ryro” I said as I kissed him then snuggled into his chest
“I love you too Katiebug” he said. Next think I knew I started to drift into a peaceful sleep. Sometime during the night I felt Ryan lay us down completely on the couch and I felt Brendon climb next to us at another time.
“ you ok Bren?” I asked
“ yeah, couldn’t sleep without you two. Go back to sleep . I love you” he mumbled
“ love you” I mumbled back. I quickly fell back asleep. I woke up to hear Jon and Spencer talking
“they look so cute” Jon said
“I don’t know how they can all three fit on the couch like that. Two maybe, not three.” Spencer said
“its cause Ry and Bren are twigs. Not shut the hell up” I mumbled and curled into Ryan which made Brendon curl more into the both of us.
“They are too loud” Ryan mumbled
“oh hush it. You all need to wake up soon anyways. We will be at the venue in like half an hour to an hour” Spencer said
“fine im up. Bren, babe watch out I gotta pee” I said. he was laying on my lap
“ im comfy, go sleep” he mumbled
“Brenny let her go” Ryan said. Brendon just pouted then moved
“thanks loves” I said as I ran to the bathroom. That was one thing I hates about drinking. As soon as I woke up the next morning I always had to run to the bathroom to pee right away. I went ahead and took a quick shower while I was in the bathroom.
“Ry, Brend.. Can one you guys grab me some clothes” I yelled through the door. Ryan said he would and brought me some jeans, a light yellow baby doll t-shirt, and a black vest.
“Thanks Ry” I said
“no problem love. Jut hurry up. Oh and Zack wants to talk to you when we get to the venue” Ryan said
“ alright babe” I said. I hurried and dressed and did my makeup quick. Once I finished I walked out and saw Brendon and Ryan by the bunks.
“What’s up babes” I said as I walked up to them
“just talking. Are you ok with us telling Spence and Jon about us now so we don’t have to hide it. Cause I don’t think I can.” Ryan said
“im ok with it if you two are” I said
“ lets go then” Bren said as he grabbed both mine and Ryan’s hands and pulled us to the front of the bus
“Guys we have something to tell you” Brendon said as he sat down across from Jon and Spencer. I sat on his lap with Ryan sitting down next to us.
“Ok shoot” Spence said
“well as you guys know me and Brend have been together for almost 3 years now, but he isn’t the only person I am in love with” I said
“and she isn’t the only person I am in love with. She is the only girl though” Brendon said
“ ok... I am confused” Jon said
“the people they love is actually the same person. And he is in love with the both of then too. He has been for awhile now.” Ryan said
“what we are basically trying to said is that the three of is are all in one relationship. We are one couple” Brendon said
“ok so let me get this straight. You, kates, and Ryan are all together. One big happy couple... why doesn’t that surprise me at all” Jon said
“because I could have told you a while ago it was going to happen. Sorry guys but I was kinda obvious. I was just waiting for you all to realize it. Congrats on finally making it official though” Spencer said while smiling. Him and Jon pulled is into a huge hug just as the bus pulled up to the venue.
“It means so much that you two support us. Be we are going to try and keep it quiet until we are ready to tell people” Ryan said
“hey its our job. We love you three. You’re our best friends. And don’t worry. Secret is safe with us” Spencer said. We all grabbed out things and went into the venue.
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