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Chapter 3

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Energizer Brenny, Plans for Spencers bday, scaring Stevie

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A New Kind of Love Ch 3

“Katie I need a favor” Zack said as he walked into the dressing room and motioned me to follow him out the door
“Ok what’s going on?” I asked
“Do you think you can handle running the meet n greets from now on. I can’t do it plus early entry anymore. I don’t trust anyone else plus the guys actually listen to you. We’ve already got someone to cover merch for you.” He said
“Yeah no problem. Just get me the lists and what not” I said
“Will do. I am printing them off now so I’ll get them to you in a bit. I’ll have the kids in a separate line for ya and get ya the bracelets” Zack said then walked off. I went back into the dressing room.
“What did Zack want?” Ryan asked as he pulled onto his lap
“Just to tell me that I am now in charge of meet n greets. He doesn’t trust anyone else so they got someone for merch and I am with you all” I said
“That’s awesome babe” Ryan said then kissed me sweetly. We were interrupted by his phone ringing
“Who is it?” I asked
“It’s Stevie” he said. Stevie is Ryan’s half sister.
“Ooo let me talk” I said he handed his phone to me to answer
“Hello Ryan Ross’ House of Wet Dreams and Pleasure. How May I assist you today? Ryan is busy fingering a client at the moment” I said in my best professional voice while trying not to laugh. That didn’t work for Ryan. He started cracking up laughing. Brendon just happened to walk in the room in time to hear me also. He just raised his eyebrows at me.
“EWW Katie that is sick… I really don’t want to know about my brother’s sex life. Nor do I want to know why you know about it.” Stevie said
“I know, but it’s my job as Ryan’s best female friend and long time pal to gross you out” I said
“So how is my lovely brother? Where is he at?” she asked
“He is doing grrreat! He is right here hold on” I said while laughing then handed Ryan the phone and got off his lap
“Where are Jon and Spence?” I asked Brendon
“Spence was on the phone with Emmi. I don’t know where Jon is.” Bren said. Emmi is Spencer’s girlfriend. They’ve been together since they were in the 7th grade. She is one of my best friends. She is the only one that I ever told about my feelings for Ryan
“I’m so glad I get to come on tour with you all. I couldn’t imagine being apart for that long” I said as I walked over to Brendon. He slipped his hands in the back pockets of my jeans and pulled me close.
“I would never be able to leave you back home. And you know Ryan couldn’t either. I don’t know how Jon and Spence do it. Plus Zack would go nuts without you here to help him out. And we would never get anywhere on time. Plus I can do this kiss whenever kiss I kiss want to” Brendon said
“You can do more than that and now with more than just me” I whispered in his ear
“Yeah well you wait till we get home. I am going to have you both in bed fore a week straight” Brendon said
“No complaints from me. Thought next time I and going to be fucking you” Ryan said as he walked over to us and pinched Brendon’s ass which made Bren squeal. Ryan slid his arms around Brendon and me. Then he started kissing Brendon’s neck which is one of the big spots that turns Brendon on. Bren let out a quiet moan
“Do you guys have a thing for dressing rooms or something?” I asked while giggling
“No. it just happens to be the only place we can be alone. But we don’t have to worry about that now that Spencer and Jon know. But it can wait till the hotel room tonight.” Ryan said as he kissed Brendon in the same spot.
“Tease” Brendon called Ryan
“Horn dog” Ryan said
“I am not” Bren defended
“Bren yeah you are. But do you really think either of us is complaining?” I said
“I can’t help that I have the sex drive of the Energizer Bunny” Brendon said as he started to pout.
“Its ok Energizer Brenny, I still love you” I said then kissed him
“I love you too. I even love you tease” Bren said then kissed Ryan
“Is that all you three do is make out. Katie and Bden are enough but not you got Ryan thrown in there too” Jon said as he walked into the room. The three of us just laughed.
“How is Aubrey doing?” I asked. Aubrey is Jon’s girlfriend. They started dating about a year or so ago. She is scary smart. She knows the most random things that most people wouldn’t have the slightest clue about. There are times where she will start talking and not make the slightest sense to anyone. She likes to confuse Brendon by switching what language she is talking in. she speaks English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.
“How did you know I was talking to her” Jon asked
“Cause you have a huge ass smile on your face, yet a sad look at the same time.” I said
“I just miss her. It’s different for you guys. You get to come on tour. Spence can’t have Emmi out cause she can’t be away from her dance Studio for too long. She loves teaching her classes. And Aubrey can’t miss that much school.” Jon said
“Why don’t we have them both fly out for a week or however long they can” Brendon said
“Aubrey does have next week off. Let’s surprise Spence by getting Emmi to come out. It is his birthday next week” Jon said
“That’s a good idea. I’ll call Emmi tonight and get things set with her” I said
“We should bring Stevie and Beverley out too. I miss my sister” Brendon said. Beverley is Brend’s little sister. She and stevie are the same age. They are both 15, almost 16. Bev is pretty much the female version of Brendon. She didn’t like me too much when me and Brendon first started dating. She was afraid I was taking Brendon from her. Bren eventually made her realize that I would never do that. Since then me and her have gotten pretty close. Both her and Stevie would come to me when they needed to talk. We’ve often had nights where all of us girls, including Emmi and Aubrey, would kick Brendon out of our apartment so we could have girls’ nights
“Stevie would love that” Ryan said
“Its cool with me.” Jon said
“Ok ill talk to them all later” I said as I leaned in close to Brendon and Ryan.
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