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Chapter 4

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pictures, Crazy Emmi, finding Zack, odd run in with fan

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New Kinds of Love Ch 4

“What time is the meet n greet today?” Spencer asked as he walked into the dressing room
“I believe it starts at 6 when the doors open” I said
“So that means we have 4 hours to do whatever we want” Jon said
“Nice try. You all still have sound check to do plus getting prettified. So I’d say maybe and hour or 2 to do what you want” I said
“GUITAR HERO” Bren, Spence and Jon all yelled. Ryan just groaned. He hated that game with a passion. Probably because he sucked ass at it.
“Hey it’s ok. We can cuddle or do other thinks while they play” I whispered to Ryan
“Mmm I like the sound “Ryan said as he pulled me closer to him and laced out hands together
“We need to get a new picture of us together” I randomly said to him
“Where is your camera?” He asked
“In my bag” I said as I got up to get it. I sat back down in Ryan’s lap. He took the camera and started taking random pictures of us. There was one of us smiling, one of us looking in ear others eyes, and my favorite, one of us kissing. We got a bit caught up in he kissing that we didn’t realize that other three guys were staring at us. Nor that almost 2 hours had already passed. Brendon had a smirk on his face. Jon and Spencer just had odd expressions on their faces.
“It is going to take me forever to get use to you two making out again” Spencer said
“Again?” Jon asked
“We use to make out as teenagers. Mainly when we had been drinking or to get Stevie to leave us alone. But that was before I met Brendon” I said
“Brend get together with them. I’ll take a picture of all three of you” Spencer said. Brendon stood there with his finger in a half heart over his lips. He looked so adorable. Me and Ryan both copied his action
“What?” he asked
“I love you” I giggled
“That can be our ‘I love you’ sign in public” Ryan said all excited. Me and Brendon just laughed and agreed. Spencer took a picture of us doing our ‘I love you’ sign and another one of us smiling.
“Ok. You boys need to get ready. I am going to go talk to Zack and get things ready while you all do sound check” I said
“You gonna be ok out there?” Brendon asked with a worried expression on his face
“Brenny I think I can handle a bunch of 12 year old who want Jon and Spence’s phone numbers or who want to make babies with you and Ryan” I said.
“Just be careful” Ryan said
“I will be fine. I will have my phone on me” I said. I kissed Brendon and Ryan before I left. As soon as I walked out of the door my phone started ringing. I expected it to be Brendon or Ryan but it wasn’t. It was Emmi.
“Hello dear” I answered
“I have no clue what to get Spence for his birthday. I’m freaking out. Aubrey said to get it on with him. Kinda hard when he is so far away. Plus that was his Christmas present. I don’t know what to do” she said really fast.
“Ok first off slow down. Second we all decided to fly you out here for a week for his birthday so you will be here with him” I said calmly.
“Are you serious?!?” she screamed.
“Yes I am serious. You cant say anything to Spence though. We are flying you, Aubrey, Stevie and Beverley out”
“Aub we get to see our men!” Emmi yelled. I just laughed at her.
“So when can you all fly out?” I asked
“I have class Saturday. So I would say Sunday would be good. Aubrey is nodding her head yes. Is that going to be ok for Mom Ross and Mom Urie for the girls? We can pick them up and bring them to the airport with us.”
“I am sure it will be. Its getting Stevie and Bev out of their hair for a week. Just don’t give either of them Red Bull on the plane and you’ll be fine. I swear they are worse than Brendon on that stuff.”
“That’s saying something considering he put a hole in the wall by running into it.”
“Yeah I know. Gotta love him though. Anyways I will book the flights tonight before the show and I will email you the information. But I have to go find Zack and attempt to run this meet n greet” I said
“Alright Chickaboo. I will talk to you later”
“Bye Em” I said as I hung up. Zack was pretty easy to find for once. He was standing outside making sure people didn’t merge the lines
“Hey. Here is the list and bracelets. This is going to be a busy one” he said
“How many kids?” I asked
“I’d say close to 60 or 70 for the meet n greet and 30 for early entry. That doesn’t include radio station winners” he said
“Holy damn. How many are in line?” I asked
“I’d say almost if not everyone is in line for the meet n greet”
“Ok. I am gonna go ahead and pass these bracelets out. I have my phone if you need me” I said
“Here take one of these walkie talkies instead. Its easier than wasting cell minutes” Zack said
“Sweet deal thanks” I said. I started at the back of the line and worked my way to the front
“You are dating Brendon right?” a random girl asked
“Uh yeah I am” I said
“I think its so cool you get to tour with them and are best friends with Ryan. Must be the best of both worlds. Can I get your autograph and possibly a picture with you?” she asked
“Umm sure” I said. This was the first time I’d ever been asked for an autograph. I signed her ticket then took a quick picture with her before I finished passing the rest of the bracelets out. Everyone was in line that needed to be. I walked back into the venue in search of the guys. They only had 10 or 15 minutes before the meet and greet was to start.
“Guys time for the meet n greet” I said as I walked into the dressing room.
“You ok love?” Brendon asked
“Yeah, I just had a really weird run in with a fan. She asked if I was your girlfriend then asked for a picture and autograph” I said
“I’m surprised you haven’t got asked for it before now. Especially with as much as we go places.” Ryan said
“I know, but it was still weird. Anyways we have to head out so come on” I said. We all headed to the spot where the meet n greet was being held. Jon and Spencer were walking ahead of me, Brendon and Ryan.
“I cant wait till we get to the hotel tonight” Brend said while getting excited
“Why’s that” I asked while laughing
“Because tonight he wants us to re create our first times together” Ryan said
“Are you serious?” I asked
“100% serious. Ryan’s always said how amazing his first time was so I wanna watch it. Plus he wants to see ours and I know you’d like to watch us” Brendon said while wiggling his eyebrows
“So are you up to it?” Ryan asked
“Sure but don’t forget we need lots of candles and massage oils” I said as I kissed them both on the lips then went to let the first group of fans in.
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