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They met in seventh grade. They were complete opposites. Two years later, earth shattering things happen.

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"I skipped a grade," he told me.

"So if you hadn't skipped we wouldn't have met," I pointed out. "I wasn't supposed to move to New Jersey."

"So what changed your mom's mind?"

Shrugging, I said, "Something told her that this was the place we had to go."

There were so many things that could have changed me meeting this amazing boy. I guess it was just meant to be. Three years into the future, he's gone, and this was hardly how it was meant to end. Gerard Way was supposed to be sitting in the chair next to my hospital bed and talking me out of any stupid thing I was planning.

This might sound a bit lame, but I promise it's so much more. The beginning is based on my friend Cody and I, but the drama isn't real.
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