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A new school year, and a stupid science project.

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It's amazing how easily hate can turn into love--- if you give it the chance. A lesson most people learn when they're more mature is a lesson I learned at the mere age of twelve. It was in seventh grade science with Mr. Watts.

He was the first teacher that I didn't get along with all to well, because, frankly, I didn't think he knew what he was doing and I thought he was screwing with all of our brains, so I was constantly giving him crap. Back then, I was a tough cookie. I wish I could say that about myself nowadays.

I guess we should rewind to the first day of seventh grade, homeroom, and guess who just so happens to be the advisor? Mr. Watts. It was the way he mispronounced my name that had began the year-long hatred for him, which ended when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. No matter how much of a jerk he'd been, I just couldn't hold a grudge against someone who had cancer.

"Kearsten Trayer?"

I looked up and stared at him in annoyance. "Actually it's Kristen. Kris-ten."

"Oh, sorry," he said, not looking or sounding even the least bit so.

"Kelcey Arenstam?"

"Here," an extremely preppy girl said from off to the side, where she was seated with a couple other girls who looked just as preppy and a few boys wearing football jerseys.

"Mark Myles?"

"Yo," Mark said, waving a hand at Mr. Watts.

"Game today guys?" Mr. Watts asked.

"Yeah," the guy next to Mark answered, "Against Wells."

"You better kick butt," Mr. Watts told the boys. Wells was our rival school, across the river.

"Jared Way?" Mr. Watts said, looking up."

A boy off to the corner looked up, scrunching his eyebrows. "It's Gerard." He said loudly. For a moment I admired his black hair, the scowl, the jeans and black sweatshirt, then stored the feeling away for later use.

"Right," I heard Mr. Watts whisper sarcastically.

It was then that I knew Gerard and I had atleast one thing in common, if anything--- we both hated our homeroom advisor and science teacher. Yep, Gerard was also in my science class, and my reading class. Oh, and my Spanish class, where we were forced to sit at the same table and shot disses back and forth to eachother.

The first time we clicked (in a non-dissing way) was actually in science class. It could have been in reading, before this, but the time in science class stands out the most. It was when everyone was put into groups of threes and assigned a system of the body (respiratory, excretory, circulatory, etc.) My group was made up of Gerard Way, Charline Chicetti, one of those girls who are really pretty and somewhat nice, and had two brains, except that one was out chasing the other (full-time), and me.

"Oh, so, like, circulatory," Charline said, reading off the rubric for our group, which was given the circulatory system. "Is that like the clowns and elephants?"

"That's a circus, dumbass," Gerard said, not even glancing up from the rubric. I giggled to myself and glanced over his shoulder. This project was basicly ridiculous. We had to have atleast two visuals (one being a poster), and all of these facts, a written essay, and one of those lame overhead clear papers, with things written on it.

"Cassie," I said, to one of my few friends in the class, "This project is insane."

She nodded in agreement.

Someone in the room clapped, soon followed by Mr. Watts' voice, who said, "Class," to get everyone's attention, then, "We're going to the library now."

Beside me, Gerard sighed, and I rolled my eyes at Mr. W. Charline stood up and played with her hair, then started to gossip with Page (her, like, ohmigod, bff!) about how she was going to kill herself because 'ew, I was paired with Gerard. He's like creepy and smells funny'. (Which was so untrue. He smelled sort of like campfire, a smell that always made me calm and comfortable.)

In the library, we got nothing done, where all of the other groups got halfway through their research. Charline passed notes to Page and Andy, who were at the table next to us, while Gerard and I made fun of the stupid pictures in the science book dating back to the eighties. We also had a good laugh over Mr. Watts, and some other childish things that I couldn't remember unless someone tapped into my brain or something.

Gerard and my friendship sprouted from being paired with him for the worst project ever. It was the foundation of all of our jokes, mostly things that I look back at and find so stupid that I laugh.

The horrible circulatory system project (which we failed) was what had gotten our wheels off the ground, beginning this crazy flight that was bound to end in some unexpected way, like maybe a gas leak, horrible turbulance, maybe even a crash.

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