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Madison & Elisabeth Trenton

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Time to meet the girls.

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A limousine pulled in front of a cluster of condo’s at Hunter’s Crossing in Litchfield Connecticut.

“Madison your father is here,” said a girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her name was Kelsey and was Madison’s best friend.


“He’s brought Mark with him.”

“Double great.”

“Come on Mark is handsome, rich, athletic, and your father loves him.”

“I know it’s just seems so prearranged. You know what I mean.”

“He adores you.”

“I know and the few dates we’ve been on were great. We have all the same interests, know the same people and I probably will settle down with Mark. He’s sweet and has never pressured me into anything. Actually we’ve never have done it.”


Just then there was a knock on the door. Kelsey grabbed her pocketbook and headed for the door. “Hi Mr. Trenton, Mark.”

“Father!!! Hi Mark.”

Mark stood there confidently, “Hi Madison.”

“I want to thank you again for taking me to the opera last weekend. It was amazing.”

“I was hoping after business we could sneak off somewhere together for a romantic dinner, if it’s okay with your father?”

“Of course I’m meeting a business associate in Hartford.”

Madison looked disappointed she was hoping to have dinner with her father. Even during the holidays he was conducting business while they vacationed in Aspen. All she wanted was some attention from him. Now she was shipping her off with some bonehead. She didn’t tell her friends about it because she was so embarrassed. She’ll get rid of him just like the others that he tried to hire to straighten them out.

First when he felt that she wasn’t getting the proper exercise he hired this pretty boy trainer. All that took to get rid of him was to put him on a television show something about losers. He was nice but he had such a boring name Bob. Then when the newspapers found her out drunk a few times there was the former drill sergeant. He left when she threatened to tell his superiors about his extra activities, a drag queen in an all male review. He actually was really handsome and had a great smile, especially for his boyfriend. Lastly her father’s brilliant idea was to help a candidate who was running for an Illinois State Senate seat. That was the worst one yet. That was the one she hoped would stop him from getting the special tutors. But as she can see it didn’t. And now she’s stuck with another one. This should be easy getting rid of him. Cash bribe took care of the last one. She was sure there was some secret in his closet that he didn’t want his fans knowing.

“So Father where do I sign? I thought after last time you would have had more respect for my feelings regarding this issue.”

“I’ve made certain conditions.”

“You’re putting me on a bus with a bunch of Neanderthals.”

“I did full background checks on them, they came out clean for the most part.”

“For the most part?”

“The lead singer had dabbled in drugs and alcohol, but has been clean and sober for almost three years and his younger brother is being treated as borderline bi-polar. But he’ll be away most of the time because he just got married.”

“It’s good to know the crazy one won’t be there, just the drug addict.”

“I wouldn’t let you get hurt again.”

“You should have never let me get hurt the first place.”

“I’m truly sorry about that. Your sister will be joining you this time.”

“Oh great!!”

“I got some complaints that she needs an attitude adjustment. I figure this might be a good time to bond.”

“The only thing we share is you and our inheritance. She’s definitely not my favorite person in the world.”

“She’s your sister.”

“Half sister.”

“Please, it’s been hard on her since her mom passed away.”

“Where was someone when my mom passed away?”

“And that’s why you should be there for each other. See you have something else in common.”

“Where’s the contract?”

Mark took some documents out of his brief case. Madison grabbed them and signed them, without ever looking at them.

“I have tickets to the ballet tonight, would you like to go?”

“What are they performing?”

“Beauty and the Beast.”

“My favorite, what time?”

“It starts at eight so why don’t I pick you up at five so we can have dinner.”

“That sounds great.” Maybe Kelsey was right Mark is a terrific guy. It was sweet that he got tickets to my favorite ballet.

“I’ll see you later sweetheart.”

“Yes father.” Why didn’t he know that was my favorite ballet?

As they walked back to the limo, Mark spoke, “Thank you Mr. Trenton for telling me that was her favorite fairy tale.”

The next day the limo made it’s way to Philips Academy in Andover, MA. When they pulled in William noticed a kid with brown hair and brown eyes sitting alone reading. He had a black T-shirt that said Taking Back Sunday and black jeans. He wondered if the school should be worried about him. Aren’t they the ones that go beserk and shoot up schools?

Elisabeth met her father outside.

“Hi Daddy.” She completely ignored Mark and Verne (William’s personal driver who had been like part of the family before she was born.)

“Hi Sweetie. I hear you been having problems.”

“They’re blowing it way out of proportion.”

“They say you’ve been treating the teachers and staff improperly.”

“First of all it was one teacher and he’s a moron. He’s teaching us about chemical reactions to various compounds and I merely pointed out to him that if he used that combination in those measurements he would blow up the school. He later apologized to me.”

“And the history teacher?”

“She’s so liberal and wouldn’t listen to any arguments for the war in Iraq.”

“I’m sure she would have if you weren’t talking about the Civil War.”

“I was making a comparison.”

“No you were turning the class into something you wanted to talk about.”

“Is that so bad?”

“And this boy you’ve been harassing?”

“I haven’t been harassing him. He’s a complete and udder dweeb.”

“Still you and your friends had no right to break into his room and spray paint his stuff.”

“Dad you don’t understand. He’s from the south and the way he talks and dresses is so low class. Do you know his cousin is paying for his education? Its worse then the kids who need financial aid.”

William took a deep breath. He was one of those kids once.

“I have a contract for you to sign. You’re going away for part of the summer.”

“I’m under eighteen contracts aren’t legally binding.”

“Unless signed by Parent or Guardian.”

“You will be joining your sister in a lesson about respect and hard work.”

“Like her last lesson? We’re not close enough for her to tell me, but I know something happened.”

“I’m making precautions so it won’t happen again.”

A month went by and William received a fax from Brian Schechter.

Dear Mr. Trenton,

Tour starts July 25th in Auburn Washington and ends September 3rd in Englewood, CO. Second to last date is September 1st in Tinley Park, IL. We figured you could get your daughters then. We would also like for them to get here a day early just to spend some down time with the band and crew before the chaos begins.


Brian Schechter

William picked up the phone and dialed a number, “Keep July 23rd open I’ll need you to take the jet out to Seattle.”
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