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Thanks To You Cunts.

by MCR-99 108 Reviews

My final thing I will ever write here, because I fucking hate all of you now, I'm not even joking.

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  • Thanks To You Cunts.

    (#) -Veronika- 2013-08-01 04:04:57 PM

    Raven I still like you. I'm just upset that you would criticise people for being upset about their weight. It's a serious thing that many of us have been through.
  • Thanks To You Cunts.

    (#) Lilith_Bonez 2013-08-01 04:10:58 PM

    I know it is, all I meant by it was if all people do is care about their weight then it leads to even more serious problems. I should know. But when people starve themselves or force themselves to throw up it makes me feel like that's the answer to everything. It's all those stupid mags and shit, people need to learn that those people don't even look like that yet they're doing everything in their power to look like them. I wasn't being insensitive I was basically trying to say that the world is fucked because of people caring more about their appearance rather than the more important things. I know it's not making it sound any better but it's difficult to explain
  • Thanks To You Cunts.

    (#) -Veronika- 2013-08-01 04:12:46 PM

    I totally understand. It's fine, I misinterpreted you.
  • Thanks To You Cunts.

    (#) Lilith_Bonez 2013-08-01 04:14:21 PM

    Yeah sorry, I didn't word it very well. I'm good at that sort of thing.
  • Thanks To You Cunts.

    (#) -Veronika- 2013-08-01 04:16:10 PM

    I'm sorry too. Just upset over a lot of things. This day hasn't been going well for me.

    By the way you are very pretty don't ask how I know.
  • Thanks To You Cunts.

    (#) RyanCyanideKiller 2013-08-01 04:18:06 PM

    I don't worry about my weight because of magazines and stuff. I know those people are Photoshopped.
  • Thanks To You Cunts.

    (#) Lilith_Bonez 2013-08-01 04:24:01 PM

    I understand Kitty, things have been very crap for me as well. I've been dumped and been to 2 funerals since we last spoke (mostly the reason I'm pissed off and depressed most of the time)

    And as for you Ryan, please stop worrying, I know I don't know you or is close to you like the others on here but I'm sure you're a very nice person. I was like you once; constantly worrying about my appearance, threatened by the fact I would never find anyone looking the way I did, but in the end looks have nothing to do with it. Now I don't know the reason why you're doing this but I'm sure it's not worth it.
  • Thanks To You Cunts.

    (#) RyanCyanideKiller 2013-08-01 04:30:04 PM

    I don't wanna talk about why I did it.

    For the record, I don't hate you.
  • Thanks To You Cunts.

    (#) Lilith_Bonez 2013-08-01 04:36:15 PM

    It's okay, I understand. And thanks, just so you know I wasn't having a go at you back there. It's just annoying because I had that problem, but then I thought "Fuck what other people think, I don't care anymore" and that was a tough decision to make. Now I'm more concerned about my face due to someone seeing a picture of me and mocking it >:/
  • Thanks To You Cunts.

    (#) RyanCyanideKiller 2013-08-01 04:37:52 PM

    I wasn't offended by what you said.
    I'm sure your face is lovely.

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