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Into the Summer

by DrT 34 Reviews

Harry visits the Temple twice.

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Harry,Hermione - Warnings: [!!] [?] - Published: 2008/01/26 - Updated: 2008/01/26 - 4209 words - Complete


  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) pfeil 2008-01-26 04:27:10 PM

    I'm not sure I'd be able to stay "surreptitious" in that situation...

    And I like your way of getting Riddle his information. That does a good job of explaining something that really didn't make sense (though I hadn't thought of it before) and will add all kind of interesting wrinkles to the interpersonal dynamics.

    Not to mention giving Harry a great taunt to use on Voldemort next time he shows up ;)
  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) slasheh 2008-01-26 04:29:19 PM

    Truly a nice story so far. I enjoyed this AU greatly, because it clears up some rather confusing issues with HP canon.
    Aside from that, i find the pacing of your story truly enjoyable so far. How long do you intend to make this? End of 4th year with an epilogue or will it go on longer?

    Anyway, it's a nice change compared to the time travel fics you wrote lately, those seemed a bit overpowered to me :D

    Regards Tula

    Author's response

    I haven't decided yet. I am just starting to draft the chapter that ends third year. I have a way to extend it past year 4 if I come up with a good plot device.

    Year 3 -- two attempted murders, a murder, and a suicide bombing -- just another year at Hogwarts

  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) Vanir 2008-01-26 05:21:32 PM

    Beautifully made. Agathon was perfect. All of these beings can't be great. The trade of Riddle was another nice thing, and i agree with the main reasoning. Osiris will be great fun to watch. I'm a little surprised that they're willing to acknowledge even the existence of the anti-horcrux-spell. It sounds like one of the things that should be forgotten.

    As always, I'm looking forward to your next installment.


    Author's response

    RE: anti-horcrux spell. Most of the brothers don't even know it exists.

    Orisis suspended his powers, he didn't give them up. He would want some trap doors in place before he shared other power with his followers. I rather think of Khafra as a Lucius Malfoy type, and Merenre as a Dumbledore -- overthinking to the point where he is afraid to really interfere

  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) Wonderbee31 2008-01-26 05:30:56 PM

    Very good, and that seems right, Riddle had to find out about Horcruxes somehow, and if he did when he was a student, then it seems likely he had help there. Going to be interesting to see how the next year goes for Harry and friends.
  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) Genericrandom5 2008-01-26 06:13:59 PM

    Looks like the wrinkle you've added to explain young Tom's gaining of the knowledge of Horcruxes is pretty popular. I also agree that he's probably not gay. It wouldn't even surprise me to find out that he's generally asexual. Which would be amusing and fit my other opinion. I don't actually think he (or Voldemort if you count them as two people) are 'evil'. I think amorl is a much more accurate and likely description.

    Some of the things he's done that are otherwise quite odd become perfectly logical if you look at him like that. Offering to spare Lilly, claiming he would bring Harry's parents back... sure, it could be that he just didn't want to be bothered, but "doing anything to achieve one's own ends" is ...fairly close to the dictionary definition of the word. Another of his statements, "there is no good and evil" is specifically indicative that he is specifically amoral, rather than actually evil.

    Not a bad chapter aside from that awesome point, too. Lots of implications for the future.

    There were a few spelling errors, though I can't recall where now. I think it may have been a 'word choice/usage' error that a spellchecker would miss, if that helps.
  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) boghi8462 2008-01-26 06:15:41 PM

    The story is quite interesting so far, and I can see your plots evolve which story you write.

    Power corrupts, and Immortal Power is no exception. Living in seclusion does only postpone the issue, while having the potential of making one forget the value of companionship. To have Harry brought by characters of such... potential.

    I am though interested to find out how you are going to draft the fact that Slughorn was aware of Horcruxes, and implied that he knew more about them: "Don't ask me to tell you more about this."

    I'm anxiously waiting to see where this plot is going and what will happen to Agathon.

    Author's response

    Osiris ruled part of pre-dynastic Upper Egypt as a god until he realized how corrupt he had become. He yielded part of his power to balance that (he is using part of the power now, with the Acolyte and Tutmoses' permission). The brothers who don't wish to stagnate are welcoming Harry, their link to the modern world. Those who are afraid of change or are too proud to change, will be against him.

  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) boghi8462 2008-01-26 07:35:23 PM

    To keep the corruption at bay through evolution. An interesting choice. I like it.

    How about Slughorn knowing about Horcruxes? I already gave you the quote as I remember it. I’ll have to wait though to get my hands on the books and check fr the exact words.

    Why would a Potion Master that enjoys socializing be aware of such devices? From where, when and from who had he found out? Did the scouting party sent by Merenre use him and his connections in return for knowledge? I find this hard to believe. Did he performed services for them, perhaps acquire ingredients for them? Also hard to believe. Did he research them? For what purpose?

    So how could Slughorn had been in the know of such knowledge?

    Author's response

    I'm not sure how Slughorn would know in canon, as knowledge of Horcruci should even be rarer than in this story. Here, Slughorn would have known lots of 'secrets' pulled from his contacts, not unlike Grindelwald and Flamel, who knew about the Brotherhood and would have guessed at their methods.

    Just think, Agathon would have loved some of the parties of the 1920s in Britain, France, and esp. Weimar Germany, not to mention pre WWI Paris. The younger Slughorn would have been there too, at least in the summers

  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) Jimm 2008-01-26 09:05:43 PM

    Good chapter. Was the reference to snow dragons a nod to Kokopelli's The Letters of Summer?

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Author's response

    That's where they come from, although I forgotten the name of the story.
  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) Cateagle 2008-01-26 09:50:23 PM

    That was quite the chapter to give us. I enjoyed the wrapping up of the second year at Hogwarts and the discussions of electives. Is Hermione going to try the "time turner" number this time? The training Harry's getting and the folk he runs into are quite plausible. It's quite believeable that Riddle would be willing to do 'most anything to get knowledge of how to make horcruxes (I still think the plural s hould be horcruci). It'll be interesting to see how the different factions within the Brotherhood deal with what's developing in the magical and muggle worlds.

    The anti-horcrux spell sounds like one of the "last-ditch" weapons you hope you'll never need. If they do manage to get all of the horcruxes in time, it'd also come in right handy for dealing with the reincarnated Riddle in the graveyard, fourth year.

    Author's response

    Hermione doesn't need the time turner, and I don't need her to have it as a plot device. I think you're right about horcruxes, but since they aren't speaking Latin they can make it regular in English instead of Latin.

    As for the spell, if I end the story at the end of year 4, that will be how I end Riddle. If not, then Harry will miss -- -BEG-

  • When Vernon Didn't Miss

    (#) bluezy 2008-01-27 05:46:05 AM

    I am really enjoying a refreshing twist to the world of hp fanfiction that you are putting out in this story. Please do continue.

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