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Know any Good My Chem Stories?? I'm New!
i'm new here so if u could let me know any good stories bout MCR or any other GOOD band....let me know!!
eh, check out mine!!
Well, I'm not sure if it's good, but you can try mine...

It's called Roxanna.

You should read We Like Movies. Very good.
New MCR stories
It's up to you whether it's good or not. But here it is. Let me know what you think. And We Like Movies IS really good!!

Not A Sound...Unless It's for Me...
A long and continuing Mikey and Frank story
i suggest reading the story "vampies will never hurt you" i am reding it and it's very good.cool vampyre frerard fan fic.
We Like Movies
Life Lessons Of Love and Lust
Words I Thought I'd Never Speak [Mine]
Somehow Everythings Gonna Fall Right In To Place[Mine]
A Friendship to Last a Lifetime and the Sequel
Well, I have one called My Redemption. I like it so do other people. The other story I have on here isn't so great, but you can read it too if you'd like.
I'm don't know if its any good its my first one its about frankie but has them all in it you could try it if you want. I'm new here so I would love to here some feed back please? There is only the first part of it but I will keep posting more of it.
Dose anyone have any ideas for a plot for a story were gerard is a vampire?