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you know you are...
You Know You Are A Marching Band Geek When...
Can you do me, is not a s#xual advance
You have calf muscles bigger than your football player boyfriend's.
you can tell difference between a high school and college feild hash
riding a day to indianapolis for Bands Of America does not bother you
getting up at 4 am and getting home at 5am is no problem all you need is your instrument and a blanket
you know every set by heart by the second week of band camp
have anything to add please reply
Those dang neck clasps are the WORST
Oh, and when you buy a pin that has two repeat signs and nothing between it and wear to practice, everyone laughs!
really? i'll have to find one, we got my band director a pin that has the word agian written on it like 100 times, it was funny.
You know you're a band geek if all your friends are band geeks.
You know you're a band geek if you get irritated when the new person at the xylophone is shaking their wrists as they play.