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I told my mom and all she did was look at me and say "okay." then go back to watching Law and Order.
rolls eyes
I am a lesbian. :)
LGBTQ section?
I am a Born Again Christian, and I have no problem whatsoever, never have, with what other people do in the privacy of their own lives. That is between them & their chosen mate & God. Judge not lest ye be judged. Besides, my tastes run to house-elves; who am I to talk? Some of my best friends in my family are gay. The "Christians" who are haters, need to read The Book a bit more closely - Jesus never said to hate. And he revoked the hate of the Old Testament.
Yeppers! Bi guy over here! jeez havent you heard? Bi is the new str8! lolz =D! but yes even my characters are gay and bi and what have you
My best friend is gay and he's the funnest person ever. I support gay rights as well as bi. I believe love is love. I'm straight, but I think that discovering new ways to love someone, by being with the same gender is an incredible thing. There should be no shame.