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Fresh meat here! Shoot at your own will, but will offer cyber sex if kept alive!
Just kidding, I'm still a minor! 8D

Uhm, yes, hello everyone. I'm mujer-preservativa, as you can plainly see, and I stumbled across this interesting little site after reading across a bio of a departed author on FanFiction.Net who had highly recommended this site for anyone who was fed up with FF. I suppose I should take the time to discuss a bit about myself, though I am fairly certain no one will respond to this. xD

I'm not new to the fanfiction scene, as I've been fanfictioning for almost 3 years. Been writing for longer than that, but they were short stories and they failed epically. Didn't discover FF until July 2006, where I immediately fell in love with the site and writing stories for the characters I love. I enjoy a moderate amount of success on there but when the day comes that I've grown weary of FF's drama llamas, I'll migrate here permanently.

Lesse. I've got a list of likes and dislikes on my profile so if you're so inclined, go look at that. But if you're lazy to do so, I like rainbows, yaoi, yuri, guro, /Naruto/, constructive criticism, animu in general, 4chons, ED, Three Days Grace, Chevelle (as in the goddamn band), Aural Vampire and Taco Bell. I do not enjoy scene kids, emo kids, being cold, reviews that aren't helpful worth shit, weaboos, Panic! At The Disco and finally, fish and birds.


Okay, I didn't click on you because of the cybersex thing. Really.

Mujer-preservativa is very... unique. You seem to have pretty stong opionions, and that's worth a lot here on the website. The reviews here are a lot more sporadic than on fanfiction, so if you don't mind that, It's a pretty good site.