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Hello Everyone
Hello everyone, I'm Tarja Liimatainen and I'm from Helsinki, I'm 24, I've just completed an apprenticeship in a tattoo studio, so now I get to ink people- I've lived in L.A. for 5 years now due to leaving my abusive fiance and now I'm dating a lovely guy from L.A. called Lenny and I've not looked back since, I'm here to write stories about my favorite bands and read other people's as I want to get better at writting fan fiction, my first story that I've wrote is called 'I Really Love You' which is in the 'Slipknot' catagory in 'Celebrities' I would love for you's to read it and let me know what you's think so I can make other ones... I don't want to make stories and no one likes them so please read and rate. Once again... hello everone