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How do I get in the field of cryptocurrency?
How long does it take to become a crypto trader?

It's hard work, it's impossible without efforts. But if you really want to become a successful crypto trader, you have to understand how this industry works, that's why it's important to read and learn all the time. Find blogs/vlogs/forums and figure out everything about cryptocurrency. Then find good crypto signals groups on Telegram and keep track of all the news, especially I recommend this website https://safetrading.today
It all depends on your training, how much you can learn. After all, only your knowledge will give you a good income.
Studying cryptocurrency is not a simple matter, and here you only need to use verified information. I advise you to use the site https://www.crypto-rating.com/ here is always relevant and accessible information. It helps me a lot in my work and gives a good result.
How do I get in the field of cryptocurrency?
For coming in the field of cryptocurrency where lot of information need to be check.I have found some of the best games which offer the Cryptocurrency options.Most of the people check the https://cryptolinks.com/ site where many tricks are available easily.Many times people don't know the best options for making the money.