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Hey, Newbie Alert!
Hey i'm glo!

I love this place! i found it a few months ago and didn't realise until a few days ago when i joined that you can post original work on here too, got me real psyched!

I love harry potter - read the books, seen the movies...and stargate sg1, have it on dvd.

hope you get to read my work and tell me what you think...i've got two stories out at the moment, just posted like yesterday, one harry potter one - changing hearts, and eyes. And an orignal one - new leaves of a dead tree...look out for them both and read, i could do with a few reviews...

thanks for listening to this ramble...And Hey!

so what do you like to write?
names of stories? (if i get the chance i'll check them out and review what i can)

call me Glo!
Well, I've mostly got Inuyasha 'fics, glo, but I've done an Underworld and posted one of my originals on the site.

Maybe you can help me: I didn't really start reading HP 'fics 'til I found this site a few days ago. What's an "Independant!Harry"?
i haven't heard that term used before...and i even checked a dictionary of harry potter fanfiction terms and it wasn't listed.

...maybe it means that the story is only based on harry without the use of other known characters...

i'll look out for your work...i'll probably take a gander at that original...and thanks for replying..
Hi glo! Welcome!
Enjoy your stay! Ummm...I'm guessing that Independent!Harry is a Harry written as though he was more independent than he should be if he was entirely in character...not really easy to explain, but when you see something like SnapeLoving!Hermione, or Depressed!Ron, or Leather!Draco...it generally means kind of an alternative version of said characters, and this terminology isn't fandom specific...not sure where it came from, though...