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No General in Genre?
I was wondering if General could be added to the Genre selections? I've been using the Drama tag in its place, but some of my works I don't feel are quite "dramatic" enough for that category. If it's possible to have it added, that would nice. Thanks :-)
Well, really, General isn't a genre. It's a declaration that you're not sure what genre it should be.

We're very opposed to "miscellaneous" categories, on this site. They are the bane of good searching and filtering.

We are, however, willing to consider the possiblity that the existing genre list may be incomplete in some ways, and are would be happy to entertain suggestions as to what it's missing. :)
General could work for short story collections in which the stories have many different genres.
There isn't a Mystery genre.

There needs to be one.
Fits here, kinda: There is no "slash" in genre. I think it would be neat to have one. I just posted a drabblish ficlet that is rated G, but is slash. So, in the posting process, there's no way for me to say to the potential reader: "Hey, attention. This is going to be slash." In genre, I have to put it in "Romance", but this could be anything. Since the fic is rated G, I can't give a warning for sexual content. So a reader will only see that this is slash when s/he actually clicks the story.
Put a warning in your summary?
I certainly like to be warned of slash. Most authors are good about that, though.

The one place in which a "General" category would be very useful would be under Original. I have a story that isn't a drama, isn't scifi...
@Neptune: That's not really where a warning should be, in my opinion. That is why I asked for slash in genre. I want to give readers a warning, but I don't think it makes sense to put all this meta-info in the summary.

@Ithilwen: Exactly. Most people want to know that. I've warned in my story header, but I think it would make more sense one click before.
Oh. I was talking about a slash WARNING, not a slash genre. Original homosexual sex probably belongs in erotica with the rest of them.
Warning or genre... doesn't really matter to me where it is, as long as it's somewhere with the rest of the metainfo.