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Posting a fic that doesn't have a category
I've got several fics I want to post, but there's no category for them (I did suggest the two categories last weekend, but nothing as yet - "Gatchaman" and "Battle of the Planets"). Where should I pop them? Or should I just wait?
Ideally, the categories should be up before having to wait is an issue. We're not as diligent as we should be there.

The reason those two didn't get added in my last category-add was that I wasn't sure what the distinction was. We try to only add separate categories for the japanese and english releases of a series if they're substantially different... and I'm not familiar with the series, so I left them to be looked at in more depth.

This is where you can help me. Are the plot / characterization of the two fairly separate?
For those of us right into the fandom - yes they are quite different. It's actually only in the last few years that the original Gatchaman series has been faithfully translated into English - before then, the English versions had their own scripts completely (sometimes these made more sense thatn the originals)

Some sites have them separated as categories and some don't.

Thinking on it - it would probably be best to just add Gatchaman - and then all the other incarnations (and there were a few - some worse than the others) can all come under that. Those in the fandom will know, and those not will be introduced to something new.

Now I've made everything clear as mud..... :)

Well, a Gatchaman category is what you now have. :)
Thank you!
How about general and essay section in the original section?
You're not going to get a General category. We dislike "miscellaneous" and "unclassified", you see.

Essay... isn't fiction. Granted, poetry isn't fiction either. I shall consider this.
but poetry is under original...and poetry is original works????

but thanks, because i posted an essay here, but under the historical category...sigh...
"Granted, poetry isn't fiction either."
Most of my poetry is fiction. Only a handful are about me or people I know.
Why isn't poetry fiction? Last time I checked, it was one of the three branches of fiction (prose, poetry, drama).