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Another one from me...
Because it's a crossover for two widely divergent fandoms, and I can't think of a place to put it where not at least half of its intended audience will miss it.

The title is 'Unusual Guests'. This is a crossover story between Doctor Who and the Ouran High School Club. It shouldn't be necessary to know both fandoms, either will do.

Summary: The (Tenth) Doctor and Rose visit the Host Club. But there is something else looking for a Host.



me to!!!
my story of the other side about naruto 1 chapter finished working on second
This is a fic I started on last month after taking a break from fanfiction for nearly two years under a different name at ff.net. It's in the Yu Gi Oh fandom, entitled "Sixteen":


It's posted here as well, but the formatting's prettier there, since it all bunches up here when I upload an HTML file directly, so I have to cut-and-paste, which means no italics here.

Basically, it's the story about Kaiba's little brother, whose all grown up and turning into a headache. :) If you're sick of Seto/Mokuba brotherly fluff, you may enjoy this one.
Okay, my turn. Fans of M/M fantasy romance please check out my story, Once a Slave ... http://www.ficwad.com/viewstory.php?sid=15262

It's the story of a young slave, Lark, who has lived through some of the worst atrocities one human being can inflict upon another. When he's bought by the Traxen Mage, he expects more of the same, and perhaps worse, but what he finds is a life he's never even dreamed of, filled with adventure, wonder, magic, danger, healing and yes, even romance. For mature readers only, this is erotica, however, the actual smut is fairly scarce.

This is something I'm considering publishing, so feedback would be great.
Ok, I'll jump on this bandwagon with both feet- here's mine, Dragonlance-based (fantasy books, but you can understand the story without having read them) and I think it's worth a read (thus the self-promoting bit :P) Also, as an added bonus, I'll write the first three persons to read and review into my next story, Potter-verse and twins based. hopes that's an enticement for some people It's nowhere near done, but once I know the areas I need to work on then it will be updated soon. Thanks for the time.
In that case...

Please read my story titled "The Phantom and the Angel". This is a story that revolves around the Phantom of the Opera movie. This is my first story and I would like some comments on what you think and how I could improve it. Thanks!

Now that the judging is complete, I can post my entry in the All That Glitters is Cold 3 fanfiction contest.

Hey, if PikaBot is doing it I guess I can be guilty too. Here are my entries:


Since so many people are hopping on the self-promotion bandwagon, I figure I'll catch a ride as well.

The story I'm pimping is origific, written for a silly contest a friend ran. My main character, Kyle, holes up in the bathroom of the office building where he works, planning to do a little "soul searching." He "interviews" the people passing in and out of the bathroom (or rather, he more-or-less terrorizes innocents...). It's supposed to be quirky and amusing. The story is complete and four chapters long. So if you're interested...

Soul Searching: The Bathroom Wall Guide
Please help me out with some comments and criticism.
Well Im a first time writer of nonfiction and would like to get some much needed advice..any kind will do. So please read and review..Help me out with any comments and constructive criticism.

Destiny (Rated NC-17 for implied sex and adult situations)

summary:How can one chance meeting change your life forever? Can it truely change one's destiny? What happens to Gwendolyn, Drake, and a mysterious man when fate and destiny decide to play with their lives?

Thanks in advance for the help!