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How about Poetry?
What do you guys think about poetry or what is considered to be good poems on this site?
Hmm... I don't usually read amateur poetry. Too much freeverse. Sue me but I like the old-fashioned kind with strict rhyme and meter.

I think the best poetry that's out in popular culture these days, at least in the English-speaking world, is all set to music. Poets write the best songs.
that's true...and ur not old fashion for liking the strict ryhme theme and meter :)
There are a lot of poetry pieces here, but nothing that stands out immediately in my mind. Anyway, I think that since poems are usually short, I just tend to browse through the poetry section and wait for new ones to pop up. :)

Thanks for reviewing my poems, by the way. Much appreciated.
oh anytime ;)i love them! and yeah i dont generally read much poetry...unless i'm in the mood to explore the poetry section as well as read poems...:)

oh by the way thanks for the rating and i responded to your reviews :)
yeh... too true. I always put my 'poetry' to music. Some of u guys have read my stuff, and I think I have made it quite clear I write mostly satirical verses... :) I just can't write serious stuff...
by the way, i read ur stuff MarkPoa, it's really good.
that's cool...i think i'll read ur stuff...
I'm with you, Ithilwen, rhyming poetry is always the best. Way too many amuters are told form the beginning "It's okay if you don't rhyme", so then they decide to ditch form all together and go free verse...grrr.

I've got two poems up at the moment, with about 2 hits total. :-( Do many people actually read the poetry section here, or am I just so boring?

~Bitter Irony
I am not sure how boring the poetry is. I have a couple of pieces posted here with several hits but no comments and none of the hated ratings. Most of my poetry is at another site. If you seriously like strictly metred rhyming poems, I would like to suggest:

You will find poetry written in every standard form, and some interesting created ones. They also hold contests among the members for points.

My big beef with amateur poetry is that most of it is about teen angst and cutting and suicide. You can take only so much of that only so long.

The stuff at AllPoetry is varied. You can find really crappy stuff (okay, most of it is), but there are some very nice pieces there. You also get point for commenting when you are a member. It is a great incentive to review, as you are rewarded.
Bitter-Irony writes great poetry. I personally love writing poetry myself. The two writers who I personally enjoy are:

They are both ver skilled writers. Calling them good would be an understatment.

Thank you.