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If anyone is interested, I just wrote a short in that realm. I think I may add more to the story too.
whoa....147,494 words?That's long.....very,very long.
you want long, try bobmin's sunrise/sunset over Britain. Combined, we're looking at close to a million words. extremely well written.
A good H/Hr fic that is very long is Harry Potter and the 5th Element by Bexis on Schnoogle.com
can't find
there was this fic on ficwad that i had read before and wanted to see if it had updated but i can't remember it's name. it was about harry, and he came into his creature inheirentance, as a royal keante or something like that. plus he changed schools and had two mates. and dumbles was abad guy. if you know what that story was please contact me please!!!!!!!

I just started writing a Harry Potter story. Well it's not really all about Harry but he's in it. I only have the first chapter out but I am going to be updating a lot and it will be long just give me some time. Can someone read it and tell me what they think of it so far?
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