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What's your favorite pairing?
What's your favorite pairing? Even if it is a homosexual pairing.
My answer to this changes constantly... I'm going to say Vector and Espio from Sonic the Hedgehog. Bumbling detective love! And they're two lizards who are apparently raising a six-year-old bee. No joke.
Robin/Chopper, from One Piece.
Alex Rider/Wolf. There was SO totally UST between them at training camp...
Right now it's Ritsuka/Soubi, of Loveless. Screwed up but I love the interaction and dynamics between the two (that pretty much describes all the relationships in Loveless, really...)
Daisuke x Dark all the wayyy
Buffy and Spike... then it'd be Casey and Derek. (Spuffy and Dasey rock!)
Dib/Dwicky from Invader Zim. I'm sick.
I would say Edward Elric and Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist. There's nothing wrong with them being together.... ^_^
i say frank/gerard from MCR, it's a little over used but i just love the pairing :D