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good MCR stories
hey!¨im a fan of mcr and i would like to know which stories about that stuff are the best to read (although all of them are good, of course);)..or which one do YOU prefer to read the most??..hmm, thats all from me - have a good time and listen to mcr!!;)
#1 My forgotten romance. best freakin (slash) story bout them.
#2 Being Mrs. Way & being mini G way. seriously.
#3..I know who. just let me think. eerhm....
hey read my mcr fic
i just posted the first chapter of my new mcr fic. You should read it! I'll be updating later today!
I know one!
Blood is thicker than water is really good, you should read it! :)
I really like "We Like Movies" by MCArmyWife. It is amazing.
You should try mine
xxACoalminexx you should check out my story, I love your Roxanna story i've been waiting for updates, I also like

"A Friendship to Last a Lifetime" by Checkerd Stars

"It's the Tearing Sound of Love Notes" By NicoleOwns
and "The Most Dazzling Tragedy" also by her they rock, and my story is

"Words I Thought I'd Never Speak" and "I've Always Loved You"

same story different verions and all are true! (haha POTC) but yah same story different POVs hope this helped :)
..tnx to everybody giving opinions..
..tnx to everybody giving opinions..
..tnx to everybody giving opinions..
i've got one.
"The Sweet Escape." - it's a Mikey Way story, and I'm currently writing another Mikey Way story: "It was you I was thinking of. " I think it's good.

But my favorite story, is "We like movies" by MCArmyWife. She rocks at this story plot.