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Please Help With My Fanfic!

I need help with my so-far-17-chapter Frerard fanfic, but I'm gonna need to tell you a major part of it that'll spoil the whole fic. If you want to help but do not necessarily intend to read it, please could you help me come up with an idea? /Thaaanks./*


Alrighty, then... Frank just cheated on Gerard with Mikey, and I wanted Gerard to find out somehow without anyone telling him. That'd take away the tension. Also, when Gee finds out, I was considering a violent fight scene, but then I thought "Wait, is that too much?" and I need an opinion on that, too.

Please help! :)
let's see what I can do.

Fighting scenes are always fun, so you should put that one in. Maybe he can find out this secret or whatever by overhearing it throught a cellphone for something like that.

Hope that helps. Here's some fanfics you might like:




Did you ever read my Futurama ones?
Thanks! Good idea that I'll definitely use! :) And I did read quite a few of them, they're really good! The plotlines are really clever and they all act in perfect character :D
Which ones did you read? Which one did you like best?

The secret could be overheard on one of the character's cellphones who accidently left it somewhere. That's always good for a fanfic!

I'm currently working on two Futurama ones that won't be out on that website on that link on my profile until New Years.
pretty awesome samples from kurt