Review for Quiet, Now. They're Showing the Rapture!

Quiet, Now. They're Showing the Rapture!

(#) OhmyGee 2012-12-06


Tell me!! Who got murdered? Omg.

Mikey, you're being mean if you don't update now.

Is Frank and Gee okay??

WAY puns!!!

Omg it was Satan. Right?

Update now. Now!

Author's response


I dunno, maaaaaaaaan. I'm kinda being a blue meanie right now. Like, total assholeness.

Ahhhhh, you can't blame Satan for /everything/. He just tempts people. People do what people gotta do.

WAYWAY puns. Gawsh, where does a last name like that come from?!?

SO demanding, Donnie. You might spook me to do just the thing.