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Chapter 2

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(Gerard’s POV)

I woke up feeling a body next to me in the bed. I didn’t bother to look over. I knew that I wouldn't see her without closing my eyes. I got up to take a shower. I let the hot water run down my body. Then I felt hands on my back. I cursed myself for not remembering to take my pill before I got in here. The pills would have given my peace for a short time, long enough for me to shower and get to the doctors office on time.

I let the water run into my eyes trying my best not to blink, cause then I would see her. She had this effect on me it's hard to explain, well maybe not so hard. She was sexy as hell. I washed quickly and got out of the shower, got dressed and headed out to my car. She was an unwanted distraction. A side effect to one of the many experiments they did on me in the hospital.
I was in an accident a couple of years ago. When they pulled me from the wreck I was so close to death they figured why not do illegal experiments on the John Doe? Unfortunately for them and me one of their experiments worked and I started to heal at an extraordinary pace. At least that's what they told me. They never actually told me what all the experiments were or what their purpose was.

They weren't even sure which experiment she was a side effect of. "Does it really matter?" she asked inches from my ear. I resisted the urge to answer her. The doctors said that would encourage her to come back, it got really hard to ignore her when I was alone. When it was just me and her, this had been going on for a year now and the pills effect was lasting for shorter and shorter amounts of time

I got into my car and headed for Dr. Maddox’s office. He was assigned to look after my mental health, which as you can probably tell by now is hanging by a thread.

I remember waking up in the hospital and hearing her voice. She was so close I could smell her. She smelled like cucumber melon body wash. I searched for the sent one day and that was what came closest.
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