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Chapter 3

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(Brie’s POV)

At first he scared me. I woke up in the hospital with bandages on my head and torso. I opened my eyes and I heard his voice coming from next to my bed. “It’s going to be okay Abrianna,” he said and then the nurse came in and he was gone. The nurse told me I was in a plane crash. I was the only survivor and I didn’t have any ID. So I was being called Jane Doe. “Tell her your name is Abrianna.” He said. I looked around the room franticly trying to find where the voice was coming from. The nurse began to back out of the room slowly as if she were scared.

“My name is Abrianna.” I screamed hoping that my obedience would bring him out of hiding.

“Good Girl.” I heard inches from my ear, so close I could feel his breath. I almost jumped out of my skin.

“I’ll go get the doctor,” said the nurse fleeing the room. I sat in the bed trying to pull myself together.

“Hello,” said a man in a white lab coat. “I’m Dr. Maddox. The nurse said you weren’t feeling well.”

“I’m feeling fine.” I said. “It’s just…” if I told him the truth he would lock me up. “I was in shock this is a lot to take in.”

“Good Girl.” this wasn’t from the doctor it came from him, and it was in my other ear. My head snapped in that direction.

“You seem a bit distressed. What’s bothering you?”

“Don’t tell him about me Sugar. He’ll make me go away.” The voice said.

“Abrianna, My name is Abrianna.” I said a little panic in my voice, tears starting to form in my eyes.

“Sugar don’t cry I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” The voice said.

“Abrianna are you okay.”

“No. No I’m not okay.” I said hoping that after telling him this he wouldn’t have me admitted to some mental health facility after just waking up from a coma. “I keep hearing this voice.”


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