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Chapter 8 Gabriel's Last Straw/ Alex's New Job

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Alex has pushed Gabby too far, just how far will Gabby push back?

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Later that day we see Alex grumbling under her breath cleaning the bathroom as Kennedy giggled cleaning her room and watching Curious bark at her stuffed animals.

“Sorry Curious but they don’t talk back, even if they are such great tea party peeps they don’t have voices” Kennedy said as Gabriel ran upstairs in an apron to inspect the cleaning the kids were doing.

“Nice job Kennedy when your done here you can go outside if you like, or you could help me bake some yummy cookies” Gabriel said as Kennedy stomach rumbled and she giggled rubbing it.

“I guess baking cookies could be fun and what are we doing tonight because one it’s family night and two you said you had a surprise for me”.

“Nice try but it will remain a secret until we get there now to check Alex and the bathroom duty I gave her, ten to one says she’s asleep on the job”.

Kennedy hummed Skip To My Lou under her breath as she skipped to the bathroom where sure enough Alex was snoring lightly against the bathroom sink a mop and bucket resting in the corner.

“Alex Neutron attention Alex Neutron you’re not even close to finished with this bathroom and if you want to leave the house with the others tonight you’re going to have to buckle down and work your fingers to the bone.

Alex moaned angrily and grabbed the mop taking her socks and shoes off and mopping the bathroom floor as everything else was sparkling.

“Grumbling is against the law in this house Ally you know that and so does Kenny and the other nine children including me” Gabriel said as Kennedy playfully got nose to nose with Gabriel and she giggled.

“All right let’s go bake us up some cookies and maybe after your surprise tonight we can go to the candy store and stock up on some vitamin S that’s sugar for those a little hard of understanding”.

Kennedy woo hooed after she heard this and dashed downstairs to help Gabriel bake cookies.

“Stupid sisters they would never know if I stepped out for a second, I mean the bathrooms pretty much done” Alex said sneaking out of the bathroom window and plummeting the three stories into Cindy’s prized rose bushes.

“Ally you are a genius now to go to Pete’s because I’m craving a Double Decker Mushroom Swiss burger with everything, some of Pete’s all time best Onion Rings, and an Oreo milkshake to cap the meal off.

Alex dashed across the street to a diner ten blocks down and a woman smiled inviting her in as the smell of old fashioned burgers and 50’s music was in the air.
“I would have been here sooner but I got grounded because Madame Angel and her merry women decided to rat on me again”.

“Girl take a load off you know your always invited here, and we’re still looking for a waitress and a table busser if your interested” The woman said as Alex shook her head no and was relieved when she sat in a red vinyl stool at a counter.

“Give me the usual Hank and don’t skimp on the shake I’ve had a hard week and I need to release some stress” Alex said as Hank smiled and slid a Wild Cherry Pepsi to her also.

“The boy over there brought it for you, he said he knew they were your favorite so unlimited refills and I’ll get to making that shake Ally” Hank the cook said as a boy in brown hair plopped in a stool next to Alex.

“So are you going to drink it or just stare at it and hope it drinks itself up like a sponge?, because if you don’t want it I’ll take it off your hands” The boy who was David Mitchell said as Alex giggled sipping the drink knowing he wouldn’t take it now.

“Well Mr. Germophobe it’s your turn, and don’t hesitate I mean I don’t have any virus’s at least none I know about”.

“We’ll have another Wild Cherry Pepsi over here, and as for you Ally we’ve been friend for forever you know I wouldn’t touch that grimy soda with a ten foot straw” David said as Alex giggled taking a straw and blowing the paper into David’s face.

“Yea I must admit we have had some great times haven’t we?, like the first middle school dance where you gagged when I made you dance with Bertha, or at my first make out or fake out party where my dad flipped his lid when he caught us quote unquote kissing” Alex said as David and her giggled.

“Remember when we found this place Al?, we were looking for a hangout spot and the popular crowd tricked us into making this spot our spot”.

“And you haven’t left since, I mean you two are my best customers and as always the food and drinks on the house” Hank said sliding two burgers, two shakes, and two sides of Onion Rings to Alex and David.

Alex and David grinned chewing Onion Rings and talking about old times like they never grew up.

Meanwhile back at the Neutrons Gabriel was letting Kennedy lap the spoon clean of the cookie dough and she hadn’t heard Alex screaming her it’s not fairs in awhile which made her think something was up.

“Kennedy sweet little sister does that bloodhound thing work with people who are gone too?, like could you tell me if Alex was here by sniffing?” Gabriel asked as Kennedy nodded taking a big sniff and looking up at Gabriel.

“Lassie says Timmy’s flown the coup, now let’s get a move on there are a million places she could be right now” Kennedy said dashing upstairs and seeing the bathroom window opened.

“Great mom and dad are calling not a peep of this to them Lass- I mean Kennedy their going to enjoy their vacation even if I have to keep secret’s from them”.

Gabriel flipped open her phone as we hear Leo screaming happily this being his first time having a room in a hotel without his parents in it.

“Hey Gabby I was just calling to check in so how are things?, you’re dad says that you’re taking Kennedy to the fair tonight” Cindy said as Leo jumped on the queen sized bed as Lauren lugged her luggage into the closet smiling at him.

“Yea I can’t go into great detail about that with the little one right here, so how’s the sun up there getting tanned yet?” Gabriel asked as Cindy looked out over the beach.

“Now but we were about to, listen is Kennedy there I would love to talk to her I miss her angelic voice and her giggle already”.

Gabriel handed the phone to Kennedy as she got the I’m telling look in her eyes and Gabriel wished Leo hadn’t taught her that look.

“Hey mommy guess what, guess what, guess what?, Gabby lost Alex and she could be anywhere but she didn’t want to tell you because she said it would ruin your vacation” Kennedy said as Gabriel angrily grabbed her phone from Kennedy as Cindy just giggled.

“I knew I could get it out of her, as for our vacation nothing is stopping us from having a good time Gabby not even the disappearance if Ally” Cindy said as Gabriel had an idea of where Alex might be.

“Mom what is the quickest route to Pete’s 50’s Diner, and make it snappy I need to get there before she has too much fun” Gabriel said as Cindy told her and Kennedy was clutched by Gabriel and the other seven followed close behind.

“Thanks mom here’s Britney talk to her while I wring my little sister’s neck, she is so toast when I get to her and she will not be having fun like the rest of us tonight”.

“Now you’re starting to sound like me Gabby which is a good thing because these kids need a mother and a father figure while we’re gone” Cindy said as Gabriel angrily shoved the phone into Britney’s hand and pushed open Pete’s 50’s Diner and sure enough there was Alex ordering more rings.

“Mom I think Gabby’s going to blow up and I don’t want to miss it so we’ll call you later promise” Britney said squealing excitedly and shutting Gabriel’s phone.

“Table for ten please, make it a booth and please ask the little sneak outer over there at the counter to join us” Gabriel said as she saw a now hiring sign and her eyes lit up as she found Alex’s punishment for sneaking out.

“Alex we have a booth ready for you, David you may stay at the counter but Alex is requested at the booth right across from the counter” Hank said a scared expression on his face as Alex grabbed her shake, burger, and side order of new Onion Rings and walked to Gabriel’s table smiling at her siblings.

“Hello Alex so let me guess you were going out for more Mop And Glo and you got lost on the way?, am I even close to the lie you’re about to tell me Alexis April Neutron?”.

“Actually I was going to get some roses and a best big sister card for my loving, forgiving, sweet, kind, altogether cute big sister” Alex said smirking as Gabriel looked at her and her smirk faded.

“Save the act for acting class Alexis, I’m glad you find sneaking out such a laughing matter, as a matter a fact mom does too because she called, but I find your punishment a laughing matter and so does the rest of your siblings here” Gabriel said as Kennedy and Britney laughed out loud and the others joined suit.

“What exactly is my punishment Gabby?, I mean since I’m the one in trouble shouldn’t I at least be informed on what I’m in trouble for?”.

“Yes you are to be informed, as a matter of fact here comes your punishment now and I just hope you can handle it”.

“Ally welcome to the Pete’s 50’s Diner crew, you’ll start tonight, we were going to start you on Monday but your sister the angel she is knew when she used to work here that Saturday is our busiest night and she volunteered you to work for minimum wage” Hank said kissing Gabriel’s forehead.

“What’s that I smell Ally?, I think it smells like a punishment to me and free food whenever we come in, you’ll serve us and you’ll also start paying for things like cell phone service yourself” Gabriel said as it looked like Alex was about to faint.

“Aww don’t faint on us now Alex, do that when your feet are fit to burst with pain for having to wear roller-skates, and your head is fit to break with the song styling’s of Chuck Berry, Jerry Lewis, Elvis, and my personal favorite Little Richard”.

“Gabby you can’t do this to me, I’m an eleven year old girl I’m not minimum wage material, I mean come on Gabriel you worked here you know how busy their Saturdays can get” Alex moaned as Gabriel just smiled ruffling her hair.

“Mom had a saying for things like this, you do the crime you do the time, meaning you snuck out now it’s time to pay the piper, I’d enjoy that food, soda and milkshake now if I were you, you lose your taste for them having them day in and day out”.
“I want to talk to mom she’ll get me out of this, she always told me I was too young for working and now she’s going to ream into you Gabriel Thatcher Vortex, that’s right I know your middle name too”.

Gabriel happily dialed Cindy’s cell number and handed her phone to Alex as she waited for Cindy to pick up.

“Well, well, well missy I’d say you were knee deep in it now, so what are we going to complain about this time?, the fact that you won’t be attending the fair tonight?, the fact that you have to work tonight instead, the fact that you have inherited a full time job, or the fact that Kennedy and Gabby are spending the night in a hotel tonight” Cindy asked a smile creeping over her face.

“Mother you can’t let Gabriel watch us anymore, I mean in the little time she’s been here I’ve tried sneaking out twice, and succeeded once, I’ve had to clean like a maid all day, and to cap it all off David was just about to ask me to be his girlfriend before she storms in like the love police” Alex complained.

“David you’re friend David?, gee he’s really cute I should come home now and punish Gabriel, and if your buying this bull then you’re an idiot, you’ve also gained a job, you’re being punished better than I can punish you, and you’re learning that the world doesn’t revolve around Alexis April Vortex”.

“But you always told me my body wasn’t meant for working mom, you told me to live like a preteen and here I am working for pennies and dimes”.

“I also told you the cloud’s were marshmallows when you were younger and you believed that too, you asked me if the sky was jellybeans and I said yes, you were out there every day with your tongue out hoping to catch a jellybean or a bunch” Cindy said as Leo ran up showing Cindy a jellyfish that Lauren helped him catch.

“Now excuse me complainer but I have a vacation from you and it starts in 3-2-1, and if you hear nobody on the other line chances are I hung up or bad connection, most likely I hung up”.

That was the last thing Alex heard before a dial tone and she angrily glared at Kennedy and Gabriel smiling as Gabriel made Origami for Kennedy.

“Hey Ken I take it Gabby told you that she had a surprise for you tonight huh munchkin?, I mean Gabby can’t keep a secret but she sure can keep a surprise from her special, little, sister can’t she?” Alex asked smirking as Gabriel glared angrily at her.

“Don’t do it Alex if you know what’s good for you don’t you dare tell her what I have planned, because if you do I’ll just give her another surprise tomorrow and that surprise will be bigger than the surprise tonight” Gabriel said as Alex grinned wider and looked into Kennedy’s three year old eyes.

“Gabriel’s taking you out to dinner at none other than Chuckie Cheese after you’re done here, but the fun won’t stop there oh no sweetheart, after pizza you’re going to the fair with her until they close the ferris wheel down, then you’re going to a hotel for the night sweetness”.
“Ohhhhhhhhhh goodie Chuckie cheese, a fair, and a hotel could this night get any better?” Kennedy asked happily kissing Gabriel’s cheek and excitement erupting through her body.

“And it doesn’t stop there either munchkin, tomorrow we’re getting manicures, pedicures, and some new clothes and toys for you if you’re good for me tonight” Gabriel said sticking her tongue out at Alex.

“But that’s not fair I mean if your leaving who’s keeping an eye on us kids to make sure there’s no wild parties?” Gretchen asked as Britney cleared her throat loudly and everybody stared at her.

“There will be sleepover’s tonight that’s all and one person per dozen member please, I’ll take you all to the candy store, the supermarket, and the video store after we’re done here” Britney said as the girl’s cheered and all called their one friend and Britney stared at Alex.

“Unfortunately for you my little Alexis, one you’ll be working and skating all night to even care about a sleepover, and two your grounded thanks to mom, dad, and the stunts you pulled with Gabriel today and last night”.

“That’s just fine and dandy my witch of a sister seems to think this is punishment but it could be fun skating all night, I just may enjoy myself” Alex said as Hank handed Alex a pair of skates, a black skirt with a pink poodle on it, a white blouse, and a pad and pen as Gabriel grinned.

“Did I forget to mention that I signed you up for waitress Ally?, I was a waitress here when I was your age because I vandalized the school gym just remember the customer is always right even if he sounds wrong as rain he’s right” Gabriel said as Alex moaned angrily.

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