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Chapter 7 And Away We Go

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Jimmy and Cindy are on their way to the Bahamas and Gabriel is using her leadership qualities in the house to her advantage

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The next morning Jimmy was rushing around to wake Leo, John, Cindy, and Angel up as Gabriel poured herself a cup of coffee smiling at him.

“Dad your flights not going to leave without you or anything, I mean I bet the stewardess told them that James Isaac Neutron is coming on this flight don’t leave without him and his family” Gabriel said laughing at her own joke as Angel yawned and grabbed a mug.

“Daddy it’s 3:00 in the morning, our flight doesn’t leave until 7:00 and that’s even if it’s on time which I for the life of me doubt” Angel said her voice hoarse with sleep.

“Your mom wants to go to Ihop before the flight and that sets us back a bit, I mean we’re losing an hour at least stopping there” Jimmy said as Angel poured herself some coffee and Gabriel picked up a black book that had Alex’s name on it and started reading it.

“Hey dad take a gander at this, this is a list Alex has made it with, wants to make it with, and wishes to make it with” Gabriel said as Jimmy yanked the diary away and scanned the names.

“All right Max, Mitch, Russell, Andy, Kenny, Walter, Walsh, Craig, Matty, Sammi, and Lincoln are not to set foot in this house for the three months that we’re gone got it?”

“Dad Ihop is at the corner of our house, Leo’s a really fast eater, so are John, mom, and myself, so unless you feel like you want to take your time be my guest” Angel said as Cindy shuffled down the stairs in her bathrobe.

“Your mom’s pregnant Angie and that means that she might as well eat up the whole Ihop if she likes and that may take awhile”.

“I heard that Jim and what is that black book your reading?, and why does it say Alex on the front cover?” Cindy asked slapping Jimmy in the back of his head for his comment about her.

“It’s called Alex, and it’s a delightful read about a boy named Alex who was a pickpocket but he was saved by a rich gentleman and well now he’s dignified and stuff”.

As Jimmy turned the page of Alex’s diary Cindy swiped it and read it aloud to the kids who were awake as Leo shuffled down the stairs with John and Lauren following him.

“Dear diary my dad’s a snoop and has no idea how to describe a book, today he read through a group of boys I want to make it with tomorrow who knows” Cindy said placing the book in her robe pocket.

“Mom dad don’t fret I have the house under control, when the eight wake up we’re going to do a heavy duty house cleaning, and I was thinking that since the fair was in town Kennedy might enjoy it” Gabriel said as bags and suitcase’s were hauled into Cindy’s hummer as she just sat and watched.

“One of the greatest things about being with child is I don’t have to lift a finger Gabby, see I can’t because I’m on doctor’s orders not to and I never once denied doctor’s orders” Cindy said smiling as Gabriel hugged her.

“Money for groceries and pizza is in the coffee can on the refrigerator, you’ll be paid at the end of our trip for the babysitting, and if there are any other problems don’t hesitate to call me or your mother” Jimmy said as Gabriel hugged him and he lightly kissed her cheek.

“We’ve been through a lot Gabby you and I, but you have never looked more adult to me than you do right now sweetheart”.

“Dad you rush all of us out of the house at three in the morning to catch a seven o clock plane now shake a leg” Angel yelled as Leo’s head slumped onto the window and he was snoring lightly.

“Poor little guy has never been up this early, but your father does tend to blow things out of proportion when he doesn’t have to” Cindy said lightly kissing his forehead as Angel put her Ipod into her ears and John lightly kissed her lips.

“Chill yourself John my mother is right in the front seat, and I don’t think she wants to see us in a kiss fest now do you mom?” Angel asked as John went in for another one.

“Honestly I don’t mind your father and I went on trips all the time and the kisses we shared can’t even be counted on our fingers and our toes”.

“Well if she doesn’t mind I guess kissing couldn’t hurt now could it sweetie?, I mean why try to stop fate when it’s looking you in the face?”.

Angel giggled and leaned in as Leo slowly looked over and then he stared at Cindy who smiled down at him.

“Must they do that in front of me mommy?, I mean I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet and I think I’m going to lose my dinner” Leo said weakly as Cindy ruffled his hair.

“It’ll stop as soon as daddy get’s in here believe that sweetie, your father has a way of stopping things like this” Cindy said as Leo looked back at John and Angel in mid kiss.

“How do you guys breathe like that anyways?, I mean it has to be hard with your mouths on one another’s mouth”.

“That’s what the nose s for kid, see our noses aren’t covered when we kiss just our mouths, and that my questionable little friend is kissing 101” John said leaning in again as Angel met him halfway.

“Right I think we can trust her enough Cin I mean she’s a very responsible girl since she got kicked out of school which is kind of ironic if you think about it” Jimmy said adjusting his mirror and seeing the kissing going on in the backseat.

“All right lovebirds that’s what your hotel room is for, I mean I ask you what kind of example are you setting for Leo?”.

“Guess what daddy when they kiss they don’t breathe from their mouth’s they breathe from their noses, I find that very interesting” Leo said as Jimmy angrily cleared his throat and John and Angel slowly broke apart.

“Sorry daddy I was just starting vacation early, I mean not that I can say no to a beach and tan either but kissing kind of seals the vacation deal you know?” Angel asked as Jimmy nodded and pulled from the driveway.

“I want you guys to save some of the vacation kissing when your little brother isn’t around to question it, I mean he already knows about the whole breathing through your nose thing and I think that’s all he needs to know” Jimmy said as Leo breathed in and out of his nose giggling.

“It makes my nose tickle to breathe from it daddy, how do John and Angel do it without laughing like I do when I do it?” Leo asked as John smiled down at him and ruffled his hair.

“We’ve had practice last night at the Orange Julius, In the rain, and then topping it all off in Angel’s bedroom” John said as Jimmy looked like he wanted to pull the car over.

“Jim remember when we were their age, Cancun in the Summer, California in the winter, and how my mom used to pick fights with you just to get a rise out of you” Cindy said.

“Yea and now I know why they did it, I mean their like to horndogs on a mission to kiss the life out of each other “ Jimmy said as Leo got a questionable look in his eyes.

“Mommy what’s a horndog and if John and Angel are one then why don’t they have tails and fur like other doggies have?” Leo asked as Cindy angrily glared in Jimmy’s direction.

“First off I don’t want to hear that word come from your mouth again my little prince, two your father is going to apologize for using that word in front of you, and three I will explain what a horndog is when you get older”.

“All right but I still don’t know why Angel and John don’t have fur and a tail if their doggies, and their not loveable like puppies either”.

“Stop questioning Lee daddy has no idea how old you are most of the time, I mean he says bad things like that word in front of you” Cindy said as Jimmy pulled into the Ihop parking lot and Leo screamed with glee as Cindy did the same.

“Right we have one hour to eat, drink, and be merry then we have got to get to the airport before we’re left here and are forced to go back home without tans” Jimmy said walking into Ihop with his family.

“First off it’s 3:30 in the morning Jim, our flight doesn’t leave until 7:00 if we’re not early I will just as much kick myself in the butt” Cindy said as Leo skipped up the parking lot holding Jimmy and Cindy’s hands.

“Lee your going to love the Bahamas because not only will you be able to swim with dolphins, but it’s sunny almost every day and you’ll get to eat whatever you want”

“Yea and every night I will be your tour guide to the most fun in the world kiddo, I mean I don’t think the other eleven get the drift that your an angel in disguise Lee” Lauren said as Cindy smiled knowing that was the drift she wanted Leo to have.

“I haven’t really thought about Leo growing up, in fact I don’t think any of us have because he’s the only boy in a house fit to burst with makeup, perfume, dollies, and boyfriends” Angel said as Leo hummed happily and looked up at her.

“Does this mean we’re going to be seeing you and John breathe through your noses a lot more Angie?, I mean that has got to be hard I would think” Leo said as Jimmy got an angry look on his face as Cindy just snickered and looked down at Leo.

“Lee I think you might be on to something, in fact I think Leo should have his own advice column called helping the young pre teen I mean I would read it” Cindy said as Jimmy looked back again catching John and Angel in mid kiss.

“Do I have to handcuff you two together?, I mean what part of save the vacation kissing when the seven year old isn’t around do you not understand?” Jimmy asked as Angel giggled and John smirked at Jimmy.

“We couldn’t help ourselves Mr. Neutron I mean stop being such a stick in the mud would ya?, let us have our fu and let Leo question our fun until he’s old enough to understand” John said as Jimmy swatted at the both of them like a human flyswatter.

“Don’t make me come back there you two, I’m not a very patient person when it comes to my daughters
falling in love with the first boy they meet, especially if that person’s the smartest boy in the world” Jimmy said opening the Ihop door for Cindy, Lauren and Leo but keeping a keen eye on John and Angel too.

“Mr. Neutron it’s kind of hard for us to kiss if your watching us like a hawk, I mean how would you like it if we spied on you while you kissed Mrs. Neutron?”.

After John said this Cindy giggled as Leo and Lauren did the same and Jimmy looked angrily in John and Angel’s direction.

Meanwhile morning is spreading it’s wings in the Neutron house as Gabriel stretched and yawned to find Alex looking down at her with a backpack slung over her shoulder.

“I’m really hoping that backpack has stuff for homework in there, because if not which I’m guessing not you aren’t going to be stepping a foot out of this house” Gabriel said yawning again and walking into the kitchen as Alex made to open the front door but saw Gabriel staring back at her from the kitchen window.

“I’m the eyes, ears, and mouth of this house Alex, whatever you do I’m told about it by one of our many sisters or one brother sweets”.

Alex angrily flung her bag across the kitchen to Gabriel and she slumped onto a chair at the kitchen table where Waffles, eggs, bacon, sausage, and hash browns greeted her.

“Eat up and then you get the honor or need I say the privilege of helping me with the morning chores, and when the other nine wake up they’ll do the same” Gabriel said as Alex angrily chomped down on a piece of toast ripping it apart with her hands and teeth.

“I will not help you with no stupid chores, I won’t stick around this house all day, and lastly I’m taking my phone back from the prison of your purse you snitch” Alex said snatching her phone from Gabriel’s purse and skipping off to do whatever she wanted to do for the day.

“Little does she know that there is no way out of this house without my help, so run, run, run little rat in your maze and hit every dead end I made for you”.

Alex went to the front door and tugged as an electronic voice activated and Alex saw Jimmy’s name written all over it.

“Area restricted without password or retina scan, eye out for retina scan please woman or man” the voice said as Alex jumped back surprised and blue lights erupted from the doorknob trying to scan her eyes.

“Reina scan reports you are prisoner #101 Alex Neutron, you are not permitted to leave this house for the three months that your parents are gone”.

“I hate that our dad’s an inventor Gabby, I hate that I’m stuck in this house all day, but at least I have my cell phone back” Alex said attempting to turn on the phone but it wouldn’t come on”.

“Does cancelled service ring a bell to anyone?, dad cancelled it last night and it will be reissued when mom, dad, Leo, John, Angel, and Lauren come back from the Bahamas” Gabriel said grinning as Alex slammed her phone down and stared her down.

“Luckily I know the password and my retina is perfect for the system dad installed last night while you were asleep”.

“And I suppose your not going to help me get out of this house anytime soon are you?, I mean your such a straight arrow since you got expelled” Alex said as Gabriel took Alex’s empty plate to the sink and pointed to them.

“I want those dishes done before the others wake up, their the dinner dishes and the breakfast dishes, now hop to it little lady and maybe I’ll reward you with a surprise for lunch and for dinner” Gabriel said walking off to wake the rest of the dozen with a smile on her face.

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