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Chapter 6 Finding A Common Bonding Agent/ Meeting Curious

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Alex and Leo find a bonding tool, and we meet a new character

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Once the kids and parents got home a battle was going on between Gabriel and Alex as Gabriel was winning by a longshot.

“You are not stepping foot out of this house tonight you little sneak offer, I turn my head for two seconds and your trying to climb the vinyl siding hoping to get away before I noticed you were missing” Gabriel yelled as Alex shrank in the corner not seeing this side of Gabriel before.

“I just wanted to say goodbye to my social life, because now I’m going to be grounded for the next century because you are bound to rat me out to mom and dad” Alex said quietly as Gabriel’s shadow towered over Alex’s and she stared up scared of Gabriel.

“We’re going to play a game mom made for me at your age and I like to call it chose the punishment, here’s how we play your going to tell me what you think I should do and I’ll tell you if it’s close, far away, or right on the dot”.

Cindy loved this game having made it up for Gabriel because she was just like Alex at her age as Leo sat on a couch not being able to contain his smiles.

“So what do you say Ally are you ready to play or should I tell you what the punishment is going to be right now?, the clocks ticking Ally and let me tell you it’s not in your favor right now” Gabriel said as Alex slowly stepped from the corner and decided to play Gabriel’s punishment game.

“I think you should let me get away with this right now Gabby, I mean I didn’t even go anywhere because you caught me before I could get out of the yard” Alex said as Gabriel smiled and Alex smiled back at her.

“Your so cold your frozen to the floor little Ally, what makes you think for one second that I’m going to let you get away with something I couldn’t get away with at your age?”.

“Great game so far Gabby I couldn’t have said it better myself, Well Ally why not try telling her another way to punish you?” Cindy asked as Alex stared at her with pleading eyes.

“Nope this is out of her hands Alex it’s between me and you now, so do as mom says and give me another punishment and I’ll tell you how hot or cold you are” Gabriel said as Alex was deep in thought and Leo was also deep in thought.

“I think you should make me eat the food I hate the most which in this case would be Sour Patch Watermelons, and cheese pizza with a Coke” Alex said as a thin smile was held on Gabriel’s face as she walked off to get a pizza box, a one ton bag of sour patch Watermelons, and a one liter bottle of soda.

“You just made the simplest mistake you could make Alex, now Gabby’s going to give you a pizza, sour patch watermelons, and Coke literally” Britney said as Alex smiled at what she thought was the best punishment ever.

“Well Ally lucky for you I’m feeling generous so all right your punishment is to eat Pizza, Sour Patch Watermelons, and drink Coke so Bon Appetite little Ally” Gabriel said as Alex rubbed her hands together and opened the box to find Sour Patch Watermelons and soda on the pizza as Gabriel smiled.

“You said you wanted one pizza, one bag of Sour Patch Watermelons, and one bottle of Coke, you never said anything about how you wanted it prepared so now young lady I want that Pizza gone or it will be served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until it is gone”.

Cindy had a triumphant smile on her face as Alex slowly sniffed the pizza and made a disgusted face as Leo hopped down and stood in front of the box with Alex staring at him.

“You can’t make her eat that it would make her sick to her stomach, I think we should punish her by giving her another week in the house added on to the week she has now” Leo said as Gabriel smiled and nodded at him and Alex sighed relief.

“Right on the dot littlest sib, see Leo knows how to play this game and you don’t because if he didn’t save your takuss just then you were so going to eat my Sour Patch Water Melons, and Coke cheese pizza without delay” Gabriel said as Alex could just stare at her little brother and Lauren smiled up at her.

“Not really what you were expecting was it Alex?, I mean you make the kid a human ramp for your skate tricks, you pimp him out to get boys for you, you make him wear your makeup and dresses, now here he is sticking up for you like he’s supposed to or something like that” Lauren said as Alex sat next to Leo.

“I was only doing to him what I was taught by my sisters at a young age, when Leo was born I was told that it was my duty to show him all the attention I was given when I was a girl, he should be lucky that I didn’t make him ride in a baby carriage like Gabriel did to me when I was younger” Alex said.

“I got you something Alex and I hope it doesn’t cramp your style or anything, I saw it in the store and I said this is so an Alex thing so I had mommy and daddy buy it for you and I got one too” Leo said giving Alex the toy store bag and she ripped the tissue paper out of the bag to find the punk bear.

“Lee this is about the coolest thing anybody has ever gotten me, where did you find this bear anyways I’ve been looking for it for weeks upon weeks it’s the hardest bear to find”.

“I found it in the toy store at the mall there were millions of them there with clothes and all, you and I should go when I get back from the trip, it could be a sister brother bonding moment”.

Alex hugged Leo and saw that clothes were with the bear and she screamed excitedly seeing a plaid skirt, a black shirt that said Punker By Nature Rocker At Heart, and black high heels as she dressed the bear in the clothes that were in the bag putting Leo’s clothes back in the bag and smiling.

“I think thank you little brother for the rocking gift and I am so in your debt for life for saving me from my punishment applies here don’t you?” Cindy asked as Alex stared back at Leo and he was waiting for the words Cindy said.
“Thank you little brother for the rocking gift and I am in you debt for life for saving me from my punishment, and let me add that if I did have to eat that pizza I would probably be in the bathroom throwing up right now” Alex said as Leo got his bear out and stared at it as Lauren ushered the other kids out.

“Come on you ten I think Leo needs some time with Alex to talk to her, and I also think we should save him from the tortures you guys have for him” Lauren said as everybody but Jimmy, Cindy, Leo, and Alex left.

“Ally I want to ask you something and if you can’t help me then it’s fine, I wanted to know if you could teach me to be an older brother to Kennedy and to the other baby that’s coming” Leo said as Alex stared shocked at Leo.

“Sounds like your little brother is reaching out for help Ally, so why not help him with the problem’s he has because this is the first time he’s ever asked for your help” Cindy said as Alex went through her bag and produced a photo album with the family smiling on the front.

“This book is given to the sibs of the Neutron family when they grow up, your going to be doing a lot of growing up this year so I figure now is the perfect time to give you this book” Alex said as Leo smiled seeing blank pages and frowned at them.

“Why is it blank Ally shouldn’t there be pictures in here?, I mean it is a photo album after all isn’t it?” Leo asked as Cindy giggled and ruffled Leo’s hair.

“It is a photo album Lee it’s your photo album, every kid in the Neutron clan that had a little brother or sister has one and you can make yours yourself” Cindy said as Leo was also tossed a camera by Alex.

“If your going to make a photo album your going to need this Lee, I’m sure your trip will have lots of pictures in the album to go along with it” Alex said as Leo snapped a picture of her and put it on the front page.

“I want the little brother or sister to know that it has ten other sisters and a brother too, I mean it has to know that we love it too” Leo said as Cindy smiled and Leo snapped a picture of her and of Jimmy.

“Leo that is very cool for you to make a photo album for our little brother, I wish I had thought of it before I made my own but hey you win some you lose some”.

“Now why don’t we talk about this human ramp business Alex?, exactly what have you been doing to your little brother while we were gone?” Cindy asked as Alex smiled guiltily.

“I would jump him on rollerblades, skateboards, bikes, scooters, and pretty much anything with wheels and no engine, but on the bright side he helped me perfect my olly and my 360’s for a big competition coming up” Alex said as Leo smiled up at her.

“The best part was her jumping over me, she called me her extreme jumping tool and I called her the extreme jumper” Leo said as Cindy shook her head sadly at them.

“You could have seriously hurt him Alex, but on the other hand at least you two were bonding in some way” Cindy said as Leo kissed Alex’s cheek and ran off to pack his album, camera, and teddy bear in his suitcase.

“Why does he look up to me mom?, I mean I know I’m his older sister and have taught him all he knows about boy things, but why is he so attached to me?” Alex asked as Cindy just smiled down at her.

“At his age you were attracted to Gabriel just like he’s attracted to you, he’s your little brother and at his age Gabriel was so cool in your eyes”.

Alex saw that she was right and couldn’t help but smile at having Leo follow her around just like she did to Gabriel at his age.

“When he was born I thought he was going to be the cute baby that made everybody forget about me, but now I see that he just has to compete with the rest of us for the love and attention he deserves and he deserves a lot of it”.

“I couldn’t have said it better myself Ally, now let’s go check on Kennedy and get her ready for bed, then your father, Angel, John, Leo, and I have to pack” Cindy said as Alex and Gabriel hugged and then quickly stepped in front of the stairs .

“You can’t go up there, see Kennedy’s sicker than a dog and she’s been puking since you guys were at the mall, so I tucked her in and brought a pot up there for her” Gabriel said as Alex nodded hoping that Cindy was content with that.

“Aww the poor little sheep I’ll just go and check on her, then if she really is sick I’ll just have to postpone our trip to take care of her”.

“Not an option mom I mean just think of poor Leo who will be gaining a little sister in a couple of months, and what does he have to show for it missing baby teeth, 1.25 from the tooth fairy, and gaping holes in his mouth?” Alex asked as Jimmy sensed something was up.

“All right well Cin go check on her, Leo let’s go pack up the rest of your things, Gabriel and Alex work on your alibis because it seems your going to need them” Jimmy said as Cindy marched up the stairs to Kennedy hopping like a bunny from her room not knowing what her alibi would be.

“Hola momisita and Padre and how was the mall?, I mean Ohhhhhhh my tummy hurts can somebody point me towards the bathroom?” Kennedy asked putting on the most pathetic display of acting ever.

“No but we can point you back to your room so we can figure out what really is going on with you, and what my little sheep is trying to hide from us” Cindy said opening Kennedy’s door as we see a panting puppy barking and running up to Kennedy lapping her hands and face.

“Isn’t he cute we found him at a puppy shelter that Alex has agreed to work for over the Summer, we named him Curious because that’s exactly what he is a curious puppy.

“One we are not keeping this dog, two we are not keeping this dog, and three allow me to mention that we are absolutely, positively no questions asked keeping this dog” Jimmy said as Kennedy put on the puppy dog pout and stared up at Jimmy.

“Please daddy he loves you and so do I, I mean I never asked for anything and this puppy could make a great companion to me over the years” Kennedy said as Leo ran into Kennedy’s room and his eyes lit up.

“Oh boy a puppy is he ours, what’s his name, can he do any tricks yet Kenny?” Leo asked scratching Curious’s ears and he barked happily up at him.

“Please can we keep him daddy?, I mean just look at how happy he makes Leo your only son”.

“Fine we can keep him but if he didn’t make Leo happy he was so going to be sleeping in the rain and having to pick a fight with a bulldog named Spike for his dinner” Jimmy said as Kennedy kissed Curious’s nose and he licked her nose.

“See he’s playful and he’d make a good guard dog because he’s very alert when he needs to be, I mean Godard isn’t getting any younger papa” Kennedy said as Curious jumped up at Leo and licked his face.

“Do I look like a human ice cream cone to you pup?, I’m a human made up of muscle mass and a beating heart” Leo said as Cindy shook her head at Jimmy.

“You are letting him watch way too much educational television Jim, he needs to be a kid sometime too” Cindy said as Curious bolted from Kennedy’s bedroom and ran to the front door barking.

“Good doggie see he tells us when he needs the bathroom now how could you not love a dog like that?”.

Curious barked as Leo ran back upstairs to pack happy to be leaving the world behind for a little while.

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