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Chapter 5 Wings Of An Angel

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Angel has a song named after her and it's caused a series of events to change her life forever

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At the mall we see Leo, John, Angel, Cindy, Jimmy, and Nancy shopping for clothes the words to John’s greatest hit flowing through his head.

If you look at my feelings
You’d see my love is true
If you look in my eyes
You’ll begin to realize
I’m falling head over heels for you
And I know you don’t notice
Me half the time
But girl just know this
I’ll make sure you notice me this time

“How does this dress look John?, me I think it looks flashy but I’d like a boy’s point of view, Angel said spinning around in a dress that barely hid her stomach.

“It looks great Ange just great, how about you try on something else and I’ll tell you how it looks, or we could just talk about the way I feel about you” John said not being able to stop himself.

“All right I’ll change out of this fine dress and then we can talk about your feelings towards me if you like, or maybe we can go to Orange Julius and get a smoothie first”.

Angel ran back into the dressing room as more words flooded his head and he knew what had to be done before it was too late.

If you look in my eyes
You’ll see my love is true
If you look in my heart
You’ll see I have love for you
If you look in my soul
It’s there you’ll know
Yea baby it’s there you’ll know
The way I feel for you

“All right Mr. Ward let’s go get some refreshments and talk about the way you feel for me, or maybe I could go first but hey you can pick or chose” Angel said as Cindy, Nancy, Leo, and Jimmy walked into the dress shop to find Angel and John leaving.

“We’re going to the Orange Julius because John here wants to talk about his feelings and I think it’s about time I let him”.

Cindy could only nod her head and smile as Nancy did the same leaving Leo and Jimmy in the dark about their laughter.

“One thing you have to learn about girls son is their unpredictable, no matter what they do you can never quite put your finger on why they do it” Jimmy said as Cindy just laughed harder.

“Your so clueless Jim but let me lay it down for you, John and Angel are not just going to talk about their feelings their going to start dating whether you like it or not” Cindy said as Leo still looked confused.

“Put it to you this way son daddy has found a worthy opponent in the form of the valedictorian, do gooder, A++++++++ student dating your older sister” Jimmy said as Leo knew that he was going to have to go with his dad on a crazy adventure.

“James Isaac Neutron you will not follow that girl to Orange Julius, and if you do you’ll face the wrath of Cynthia Auora Vortex and her unborn offspring”.

Jimmy caught a glimpse of Cindy’s beautiful green eyes and he was suddenly hypnotized by them as she smiled down at him.

“Now when I snap my fingers you will forget all about chasing Angel and John to Orange Julius with our defenseless son, you will enjoy shopping for our son, and if we have a boy we will name him Sunshine” Cindy said snapping her fingers and Jimmy quickly came out of his trance.

“You know Cin I really like this John boy that Angel is seeing, now let’s get Leo some new clothes and a toy because he’s such a good boy, and I’m not ashamed to name our son Sunshine if your up to it” Jimmy said as Leo liked the sound of the name Sunshine.

“Daddy why didn’t we name me Sunshine?, I like Sunshine’s too their bright and sunny kind of like me in a peanut shell” Leo said as Cindy, Jimmy, and Nancy laughed.

“It’s nutshell you goofball and we didn’t name you Sunshine because Mommy has a friend named Leo that she promised she would name her first son after”.

Leo ran to a toy store window and saw a teddy bear that was screaming his name as Cindy, Jimmy, and Nancy ran with him and his eyes lit up at the bear.

“Look mommy it’s a teddy and I can have my name stitched in, pick out it’s clothes, pick out it’s toys, and I can name it anything I want, it’d be like having a little brother without my name stitched in” Leo said as Cindy playfully rubbed his hair and knew that Leo was going to get this teddy.

“Please daddy it’s the bestest teddy in the world and it can be my birthday and Christmas present, plus you can take it out of my allowance and I will do extra chores around the house just for this teddy”.

“Sorry Leo but we just can’t afford a bear like this right now, I mean we have a new baby coming, we have a room to decorate, and we have clothes and toys to buy for the baby” Jimmy said as Leo saw his plan wasn’t working so he decided to go to plan B.

“Please daddy I never ask for anything and all the other kids get cell phones, video games, dates, and makeup to keep them happy” Leo said his lip curling into a puppy dog pout and Jimmy’s heart melted as his son began to whimper like a puppy also.

“Well I guess we could buy the bear for you, I mean you are the only boy in the house and Lord knows things haven’t been that easy for you over the years, I mean how did you survive Hurricane Alex last year?” Jimmy asked as Leo smiled and ran into the store with Cindy close behind.

“Alex is easily dealt with daddy if you give her a skateboard, a baseball bat, a mitt, or a skater boy and she’s out of your hair, it was Britney who was hard to deal with because she discovered makeup when I was three”.

“I have to say you put up with a lot Leo, I mean she made you over and you let her do it until mommy came to your rescue, and even then she still found ways to get makeup on you” Cindy said kissing Leo’s cheek and Leo ran to a teddy with a punk hairdo, a skateboard, and dark sunglasses.

“This is the one and it’s not for me it’s for Alex, because she taught me all I know about baseball, football, basketball, and extreme Frisbee” Leo said as Jimmy and Cindy both saw their son sacrificing something for his sister.

“Son are you sure you wouldn’t like one of these cool teddies too their half off and even if they weren’t I’d get you one because you don’t have more than enough toys to play with” Jimmy said as Leo grabbed the punk teddy and also found a beach teddy that he grabbed for himself.

“All right two teddies and you can also get another toy if you want because I think you deserve the world if I could give it to you” Cindy said as Leo’s eyes lit up when he saw a kitten purring in the pet shop window.

“All right I said toy not pet, if you want a kitten when you get older we’ll talk but until then toys are all that you get”.

Leo saw a PSP thrown onto the counter in front of him and a blonde girl smiling down at him and Leo smiled back as he was lifted into the air.

“Lauren I didn’t know you were shopping here for toys, guess what, guess what, guess what, we’re going to the Bahamas and your coming with us for three whole months” Leo said as Lauren smiled up at him and Leo just laughed back at her.

“Now Lauren I know I promised you a break from the Vortex dozen but if you do this I’ll triple your pay, plus I’ll give you whatever else you need to keep our little Leo bug happy” Cindy said as Lauren just shook her head and tickled Leo’s tummy.

“When I said a break from the dozen I meant the 11 girl’s that were giving this poor kid a run for his money, I mean Britney making him wear makeup, Angel and her perfume binges, and Alex with her come on little bro I’ll use you as a ramp abuse the little guy can’t take it much longer”.
“If I knew all that was going on I would have hired another babysitter to help you with the job” Cindy said as Leo cradled his teddy in one hand and his PSP in another with Alex’s teddy bag on his arm.

“Let me guess the cool rocker teddy is for Alex the human ramp girl, or are you turning punk on me sweetie and if so I have the perfect nickname for you” Lauren said kissing Leo’s cheek.

“No I’m not going punk on you Lauren, the punk bear is for Alex and in return we talk about not making me the human ramp anymore” Leo said as Lauren just laughed and ruffled his hair.

“You are the smartest four year old I know kid, I didn’t start negotiating and that’s what your doing negotiating with Alex until I was at least ten”.

Leo beamed at being called smart as he looked in his PSP bag and saw five games too which he had no idea what to say to Lauren next.

“And we still have the rib squisher Kennedy to deal with, I mean the poor kid’s lost in a valley of girls and none of them notice him half the time” Lauren said as Jimmy saw Orange Julius and Cindy decided to let him spy for awhile.

If you look in my arms
You’d see my love is waiting
If you turn your back on me
I’d be living a life of misery
At times it seems you should be going for me
I can even make your friends see
We should be together
Forever and for always
I can see no that it’s just going to be one of those days

“Look Angie the thing is I care for you a lot, and I don’t want anything to happen to you so I hope you can see what I mean when I say I love the hell out of you” John said to a wall as Angel came walking back with drinks.

“Are you prone to talking to walls or do they carry on a conversation with you?, I mean what would a wall say if they could talk back?” Angel asked smiling and sliding John a cookie and a smoothie.

“I should be lucky that I got you alone Angie, I mean no offense but your dad can be a real clingy man when he wants to be”.

“Yea he’s a hugger but only to the smart boys like you, I mean could you imagine what he would do if we started dating?”.

“Yea I mean he’d go totally psycho on me wouldn’t he?, I mean just take a look at the things we did as kids we went to kiddie camp together, we went to school together until 8th grade, we even shared first crushes together” John said as Angel nodded her head her green eyes fascinating John as they darted to his eyes.

“Can we maybe get to the reason we’re here John?, I mean you don’t want to date me do you?, I mean I’m just the smart kid in the front of the class answering questions” Angel said as John slowly leaned in ready to make his move and Angel closed her eyes.

If you look in my eyes
You’ll see my love is true
If you look in my heart
You’ll see I have love for you
If you look in my soul
It’s there you’ll know
Yea baby it’s there you’ll know
The way I feel for you

They got close to kissing until John noticed a shrub sneeze and it sounded like Jimmy’s sneeze and Angel’s eye’s filled with anger.

“Dad I swear with all that is left in me that if this is you I’m not going to be very happy, because I’ve never had one special moment in my life and this is by far your lowest moment with me” Angel said as Leo giggled and Angel thrusts the branches back and found Nancy, Jimmy, Cindy, Lauren, and Leo smiling.

“How did I know that you were behind this shrubbery dad?, I mean you ruined Alex’s first kiss, Britney’s first kiss, and Gabriel’s first kiss so why should mine be any different?”.

“We didn’t intend on ruining your first kiss Angie we were just passing by and we wanted a smoothie, we saw you and John looking pretty cozy in the booth and we decided to hide and wait for you to stop kissing, but Leo and his bad allergies got us caught” Cindy lied through her teeth but Angel could see through it.

“Mom you always told us that lying was against the law in the Neutron house, but here you are telling a big fat lie to cover your husbands tracks” Angel said as Cindy flinched at her daughters words.

Our first kiss was shared tonight
We were both in the rain tonight
You said that you loved me and that you always will
And I could never get my fill
Of the aura of love that’s spinning beside you
And I knew what I had to do
I took you in my arms and said you were mine
And that made everything real fine
As I screamed

“Angel forget the parents let’s go outside it’s a beautiful night for stargazing, and I think we could get more talking done out there” John said grabbing Angel’s hand before she could object to the downpour outside.

“John in case you haven’t noticed there is wet stuff falling from the sky called rain and I don’t feel like catching pneumonia before we get to our vacation spot” Angel said.

John pulled Angel to the front of the mall and the rain came down in sheets as he leaned in and she closed her eyes feeling his lips touch hers and her insides screamed in happiness and excitement.

If you look in my eyes
You’ll see my love is true
If you look in my heart
You’ll see I have love for you
If you look in my soul
It’s there you’ll know
Yea baby it’s there you’ll know
The way I feel for you
And that’s how I feel for you

Once the words stopped coming in John’s head he quickly pulled from the kiss as Angel smiled at him blushing.

“I have to say I never visioned my first kiss to be in the rain, and I never saw the boy kissing me to be the boy that I’ve loved ever since I learned what the word love meant” Angel said swishing her blonde hair back and forth getting John wet.

“Now I have to get my hair done not that my mom will mind, I mean we always go and do that together kind of like a mother daughter bonding thing”.

“My dad and I have fishing to do that, he’s been doing it more and more now that I’m discovering girls, dates, and love” John said leading Angel back into the mall with Jimmy looking angry and Nancy, Cindy, Leo, and Lauren happy.

“Now if you’ll excuse me I have a song to write so if anybody has a pad and a pen I’ll take it, a Sharpie is even better but beggars can’t be choosers”.

Cindy handed John a piece of paper and a black Sharpie and he wrote his greatest masterpiece and titled it Wings Of An Angel as he smiled at the song.

“This is the best song I have ever written if I may say so myself, now for the unveiling I give the rough draft to the girl who inspired it” John said thrusting Wings Of An Angel into Angel’s hands.

Angel’s eyes darted through the song as her eyes watered up and she hugged John kissing him again with Jimmy looking like he was ready to burst with anger.

“Exactly the reaction I hoped to get from you Angie, and Mr. Neutron I have to say that red is totally your color”.
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