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All Press is Good Press, Kids.....Wait...WHAT AM I THINKING!?

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Press conferences are never a great thing to experience, especially when their about your gay relationship with your best friend.

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Pete's POV:

"Petey, do we have to?" Patrick whined.
"Patrick we owe so much to our fans, we have to tell them sooner or later!" I said.
"Later!" Patrick said.
"No, we organized this press conference especially for this, and I will not cancel it now. They deserve to know!" I said.
"What if they hate us?" Patrick whispered, looking at the floor sadly. I was pretty confident that our loyal fans would either see past this or accept it.
"Oh Patty, they won't hate us! You'll see...." I said sounding more confident than I actually was. Mostly because, there were the haters of course. And the substantial amount of assholes that would twist our words for the papers. But, we could get through this, couldn't we? We've been through so much together, and now won't be any different!
"What about the press! Think of what they'll say! We'll give Ryan Seacrest a topic to talk about on his show for AGES!" Patrick complained.
"We're just going to have to deal with that. You love me don't you?" I asked.
"Of course!" Patrick said.
I replied, "Well, then we'll get through this! Now get dressed so we can leave."
Patrick and I got dressed and had breakfast. Joe and Andy were waiting for us in the car when we finished.
"This is going to be the craziest press conference ever...." Joe announced from his position in the driver's seat.
"Maybe..." I said. Patrick leaned his head on my shoulder for the rest of the ride.

We pulled up in front of the building where the conference was being held and stepped out of the car. We were, of course, bombarded by paparazzi and reporters, but we pushed our way through with the help of security. We took our seats behind the table on the small stage set up in the middle of the room. Each microphone stuck straight up in faces. They were making sure they could hear us, as if they knew what we had to announce.
The conference started and reporters went crazy trying to get our attention. I pointed at a lady in an ugly green blazer and she asked me, "Pete, have you any plans for a new album?"
"Well, not exactly. We all agreed that we would like to start another sometime next summer, but nothing is definate yet." I replied.
A man yelled out another question and other questions from loads of reporters were asked, but finally, they gave us time to make an announcement.I looked at Patrick and said, "I tell them Trick." He nodded and fiddled with the pen in front of him.
"I have an important, uhm....announcement to make. I just really wanted to let all of our fans know that, Patrick and I are dating."
The room full of people went bezerk. The questions flooded my ears and some of them hurt, such as, "Are you two REALLY gay?" or "Don't youcare about your image?". But Me, Patrick, Joe, and Andy just filed out the door back to the car. Before getting into the car, I told the reporters, "That is all I have to say, just let us go now." I said politely. We drove off leaving the mob of paparazzi behind. Here is the part where everything about our lives gets trickier, I thought.
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