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"That'll Be Twenty Dollars Mr. Toro"

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It doesn’t take any time at all for all of them to accept me completely. After only a few short days, they’re acting like I’ve been there all along. It’s amazing. I’ve never felt loved. Until now.
They’re all so perfect, in the most imperfect sort of way.
There’s Ray, the genius. Quiet, but funny, looking somewhat wise, even with his wild hair. Bob, with his protective manner, older brother style. Mikey, like he’s everyone’s brother, lightening the mood. Nicole, with endless spunk. Gerard, with his artwork, protective and quiet. Sometimes, I think he might be having problems he’s not telling anyone about. I can relate.
And Frankie. Wonderful, amazing Frankie. With his unwavering confidence, his love for all of us. For me. He’s strong, perfect. No one can resist his charm.
They all care about each other so much; they’re a family of their own. It’s especially fun to watch Nicole and Gerard. They’re so in love with each other; it’s blatantly obvious, but neither of them has the courage to do anything.
We all try and protect each other, from everyone else.
It makes me so angry to see people trying to hurt any of them; Bob, Ray, Mikey, Gerard, Nicole. Frankie. So when I open my locker and Mikey falls out onto the floor, I’m absolutely furious. I rein in my anger; so that I can make sure Mikey is alright..
“Mikes!” I say, dropping next to him. His face is chalk white and he’s trembling.
“You ok?” I ask him.
“I…think…so.” He gasps. He puts a hand on his chest, wheezing. He shuts his eyes, breathing harder. Or not breathing.
“Mikey, can you breathe?”
He shakes his head no, wheezing worse by the second.
“What can I do?” I ask him, trying not to panic as his face pales further.
“Inhaler…” he gasps, wrenching his eyes open with difficulty. “Pocket.”
He’s asthmatic. Oh shit.
I spring into action, plunging my hand into his pocket, trying desperately to find the inhaler. My fingers touch cool metal, and I grasp, pulling something from his pocket. I want to cry when I see it’s a Warhammer statuette. I continue to dig through his pockets, while every second seems like a full minute. Finally, I find it, shoving towards his mouth roughly. He can’t even lift his hand, so I hold it up for him, pushing the button. I hear the hiss as the medicine makes it’s way into Mikey’s mouth. It takes a few moments, before I finally decide he’s had enough. I pull it from his mouth, dropping it carelessly onto the floor. Mikey lies down on the floor, glasses askew. I’m so scared, I don’t even wait before asking him if he’s alright.
“Mikes?” I say nervously. “Are you ok?”
He nods weakly, still not getting up. “Just give me a second.” His voice is abnormally high.
My fury is building again, and my hands shake. I try to steady them, watching Mikey intently. After another minute, he pushes himself up off the floor.
“Mikey, who put you in there?” I ask him, trying to control the undeniable anger.
“Joey…and Kevin Rogers. And a couple other guys.” My anger flares, and I jump up. I extend a hand to Mikey, pulling him off the ground.
“Where are we going?” He asks, as he struggles to match my pace.
“To find them. And beat the fuck out of them.” I have no idea where to look, so I head towards the parking lot, where we’re supposed to be meeting up with everyone anyway, so we can all squash ourselves into Ray’s car and go somewhere.
I see them; Kevin and all his stupid friends. They’re laughing manically, and I see Gerard shaking his head back and forth angrily, taking a protective stance in front of Nicole. Ray looks nervous, and Frankie and Bob are both shifting from foot to foot, preparing to move.
Kevin shouts something, and Gerard pushes Nicole behind him.
“Don’t you dare say that about her!” Gerard shouts. “Don’t you fucking think about her!”
“Gonna stop me?” Kevin says cockily.
“Yeah. Yeah I am!” Gerard yells, and he charges at Kevin. Kevin is caught completely off guard, and Gerard smashes his fist into Kevin’s jaw. Kevin is stunned, but he springs on Gerard, tackling him and knocking him to the ground.
Frankie and Bob both lurch forward.
“Don’t!” Gerard yells. “Don’t-“ His words are cut off, when Kevin slugs him in the nose. I can see the blood spraying everywhere.
Suddenly unfrozen, Mikey and I run forward, just as Frankie and Bob attack Kevin. Bob pins Kevin to the ground, and Frankie pulls Gerard out of the way.
“Leave us the fuck alone!” Bob yells. He doesn’t hit Kevin, just pushes him onto the pavement.
“Eat shit!” Kevin yells. It pushes Bob over the edge, and he kicks Kevin square in the face. And the funny thing is, Kevin’s friends don’t move to help him. They just stand and watch.
Mikey and I get there at that moment, and Bob turns from Kevin with difficulty. Gerard is pushing Nicole’s worried hands away from him.
“Not here.” He says, wiping some of the blood away. We walk over to a deserted section of the lot, and stand in a circle.
“DAMN IT!” Gerard screams angrily. “I could have had him! Why’d you have to mess it up?”
“Gerard, calm down.” Frankie says, putting a hand on his shoulder, which Gerard shoves away.
“Gee, he would’ve beat you up. It’s the truth man, and you know it.” Bob says in his even voice. Gerard gets a defeated look, but he can’t argue with Bob.
“Gee, are you ok?” Nicole says. She walks to him, using her t-shirt to clean some of the blood off of his face. He winces, but allows her to touch him, which is more than he’s letting anyone else do.
“I can’t believe you did that for me.” She says, with a mix of amazement and disapproval.
“He was talking about you.”
“They always talk about me.” Nicole says, raising an eyebrow.
“Well, I didn’t like it.” Nicole’s eyes are shining when he speaks.
Suddenly, this conversation seems private.
“You shouldn’t have done anything. You shouldn’t have gotten hurt for me.” The way she says it, it’s like she’s daring him to answer, to contradict. He does.
“It was worth it.” He says. Nicole drops her hand from his face, complete love in her eyes. Gerard stares back, then lifts his bloody hand from his side, putting it in her hair. He clutches her to him, and kisses her.
Nicole is completely surprised for one moment, before she kisses him back. They move together passionately, and then Frankie starts to clap. Mikey and I clap too, along with Bob. Ray groans.
“That’ll be twenty dollars Mr. Toro.” Bob smirks. Ray can’t help but smile.

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